How to Transfer Data from AIRTEL to MTN Network in 2023

How to share data on airtel to mtn

how to transfer data from airtel to mtn

Do you want to know how you can transfer data from your airtel to mtn and any other network? Then keep reading.

Airtel smartshare is a service that allows you to transfer, share and gift your data to another person. Basically you’ll be able to transfer or share data from your airtel line to another line. With airtel smartshare you’re also able to buy data bundle for another person and then pay with your own airtime.

The airtel smartshare service is available to all airtel users regardless of your tariff plan, just make sure you have an active data plan (if you want to use the transfer service) or if you want to use the gift data option (buying data for someone) make sure you have airtime.

Note that you won’t be able to transfer a data bonus. The only data you’re allowed to transfer is your main data. Having known all that, let’s dive into our main topic which is how to transfer data from airtel to mtn.

How to transfer data on airtel to mtn

The airtel smartshare only allows transfer of data from airtel to airtel. This means that you can only transfer, send or share data from your airtel to another person using airtel. You won’t be allowed to transfer data from your airtel to another network that is not airtel. In other words you can’t transfer data from airtel to mtn, glo or 9mobile, it’s only from airtel to airtel.

So if the person you want to transfer data to is not using airtel and is insisting on you transferring data to them just show them this post for more conviction and clarification or you can buy them data directly from your bank account.

However, if the person has an airtel line, you can go ahead and transfer data to them from your own airtel line using the procedure below. Transferring data from your airtel to another airtel is very easy, straight forward and won’t take your time at all. Let’s get right into it!

If this is your first time of using the airtel smartshare service you’ll be required to set a PIN, this is what you’re going to be using for transferring, sharing or gifting data on airtel. It will also help to prevent unauthorized persons from tampering with your data because they don’t know your PIN.

How to change or reset data transfer pin on airtel

To change or reset your airtel data transfer pin dial *141# > Select 6 (Data Gifting & Sharing) > Select 1 (Change Pin) and follow the instructions given to you.

If you have successfully done that, congrats! then let’s move to the next step.

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How to transfer data on airtel to airtel

To transfer data from your airtel to another airtel dial *141# > Select 6 (Gifting & Sharing) > Select 4 (Data Me2U) > Select 2 (Send Me2U From Existing Allowance) > Enter Recipient’s Number > Enter Data Allowance/Amount (MB) > Enter PIN and press Send.

Note: You can only transfer a maximum of 200mb per one person in day and you can only transfer to a maximum of two persons in a day. Making the total amount of data you can transfer in a day to be 400mb to two airtel lines. (200mb each).

That’s not all, do you know that with airtel smartshare you can also share your data with another airtel user?

Note that transferring and sharing of data are two different things, the former which was discussed above involves sending of data from your data balance to another airtel line while the latter (sharing) is giving them access to your data.

This basically means that they can access the internet on their phones using your own data. They will keep on having access to the internet using your own data no matter where they are until your data expires or you restrict them. Let’s briefly see how you can share data on airtel.

How to share data from airtel to airtel

To share mb or data on airtel send SHARE as text message to 121. This will enable you add members to your family list. These are the people that will be able to share your data with you.

To add members to this list send “ADD Recipient’s number” to 121. Example if the number you want to add is 080XXXXXXXX, then send “ADD 080XXXXXXXX” to 121.

You’re going to receive a message confirming this request, then press 1 to confirm.

Starting from that moment the members you added to you family list will have access to your data in their own phones/devices until you remove or delete them from your family list.

How to remove or delete airtel number from family list

To remove or delete an airtel number from your family list then send “DEL Recipient’s number” to 121. Example If want to delete 080XXXXXXXX from your family list, thereby stopping the person from using your data. Then send DEL 080XXXXXXXX to 121 and that person won’t be able to have access to your data again and if you want to add them back follow the steps I mentioned before this one.

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How to gift data from airtel to airtel

Airtel data gifting is a service that allows you to buy data bundle for your family and friends and pay with your own airtime. It’s just like when you’re buying a data bundle for yourself but this time the data bundle goes to the person you’re buying for and the airtime will be deducted from your own airtel line. It is called data gifting.

To gift data on airtel dial *141# > Select 6 (Data gifting & Sharing) > Select 2 (Data Gifting) > Select the type of data plan you want (Monthly, Weekly, Daily etc) > Enter the recipient’s number > then Enter your pin and press Send.

Ensure you have enough airtime for the data plan you’re gifting to the recipient. Once successful, the airtime for the data will be deducted from your airtel line and the recipient will receive the data. Remember that the recipient number must be an airtel number.


As you can see you, the airtel smartshare service does not allow transfer of data from airtel to mtn. You are only allowed to transfer from your airtel to another airtel user, this post was made to clarify that. However you can still buy data for the person’s line directly from your bank account, that’s the only way for now. Share this post to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post so they can be aware of this information too.
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