How to Prepare and Use Clove Soaked in Water to Treat infection

Clove soaked in water for infection

Clove soaked in water for infection

Clove is a botanical plant that has tons of functions and uses. It is mostly used to increase the defence of the body to diseases at the front line. And really, it is advised that the leaves are introduced into your diets as regularly as possible. With these tips, it can easily be imagined that clove soaked in water can be used for the treatment of infection.

To obtain the water, all you need to do is dip a couple clove leaves inside water, and then, leave it for about ten to twelve hours. It’s best to drink the water early in the morning when you haven’t yet eaten anything to achieve maximum effect in the body.

Clove water is also known to have several properties that are anti-bacterial in nature. So, when taken, it can go a long way to kill the bacteria resident in the mouth, as well as solve the issue of dental plaque.

Clove leaves are also known to be a rich source of anti-oxidants, and that means that they produce elements that work actively at the site of an inflammation. So, the clove water extract has been used for several patients suffering from arthritis, and a significant decrease in the pain they encounter was noted.

Clove soaked in water for infection is one of the popular reasons most people drink it. It is rich in several minerals and vitamins that help to thicken the frontiers of the immune system. That way, you get to be protected from the risk of catching infections, and some other minor diseases.

How to use cloves to treat infection

Clove soaked in water can be used to treat infection. But then, the major question asked is how the cloves water can be used to treat the infections. Everyone always has a drink in the morning before they go ahead to eat other things in the day. The research studies show that you replacing whatever drink you have in the morning with clove water will go a long way to improve your health.

However, to get the clove water to work efficiently, without the risk of a side effect, it is essential that you streamline the dosage that you use to something that isn’t too much. A couple of those side effects include itches, rashes, sore gums, and other damages to the tissues in the mouth. Those, you would need to avoid.

Also, since you would be ingesting the water, it is essential that you buy the organically grown cloves, as you don’t have to suffer from the effect of pesticides and other plant chemicals.

To use cloves to treat infection, all you need to do is introduce a couple clove leaves inside water. This water is not to be applied topically—i.e. across the skin or any other method that does not have anything to do with the gastrointestinal cavity. Drinking the clove water is known to be the best and most effective method there is to treat infections.

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How to prepare clove water for infection

Now that you know the effect clove leaves have on the body, it is also important that we discuss how to prepare clove soaked in water for infection. Clove leaves aren’t too difficult to find. They are the flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree, and are mostly found in Indonesia. They are annual buds, and so, there’s hardly ever a shortage of clove leaves across the year.

To prepare clove water for infection, all you need to do is;

  • Get a handful of the organically grown clove leaves.
  • You should also get a cup of potable water alongside.
  • Immerse the leaves within the water, and then, leave the cup for about ten to twelve hours in order to allow a mass transfer of the constituents of the leaf to water. To make the process easier and faster, you could have the water in which you soak the leaves in to be heated. Heat is a factor that speeds up the rate of dissolution of the constituents of a leaf in water.

The result you get should be slightly coloured water—one that looks like the colour you would get when you pour hot water over a tea bag. The cloves, which are highly aromatic in nature, usually would transfer their nicely smelling qualities to the water, in order to produce something of a very rich flavour. The water also comes out with a slight sweetness, as the leaves themselves have a bit of sweet constituents in them.

Other health benefits of clove

1. Improves liver health

Cloves helps in the reduction of oxidative stress as a result of high antioxidants present in it, this, in turn will help to prevent and reduce the risk of liver disease. The risk of liver cirrhosis is also reduced due to the presence of eugenol  in cloves, this also helps to improve the health and function of the liver. Eugenol also helps to reduce inflammatory response in the body thereby reducing the risk of other diseases.

2. Reduce stomach ulcer

The gastric mucus produced by cloves are very beneficial in protecting your stomach lining. It does this by acting as a barrier between your stomach lining and digestive acids. By doing this the risk of you having ulcer is reduced and the pain is also reduced.

3. Helps and improves bone health

Cloves is rich in manganese. it is a mineral responsible for formation of bones and connective tissues in the body. For healthy bones and tissues, add cloves to your diet.

4. Lowers risk of diabetes

The essential compounds present in cloves reduces risk of diabetes. It does this by reducing and regulating the sugar in the blood (glucose).

5. Kills bacteria

Cloves can help to eliminate and stop the growth of bacteria due to the antimicrobial properties present in it. A test-tube study showed the effectiveness of clove oil in killing the common types of bacteria including E.coli and listeria another common bacteria which can also cause food poisoning.

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