Why is My New Zenith Bank Account Not Active? How to Activate it

why is my new zenith bank account not active

Why is my new Zenith Bank account not active?

Understanding the term; dormancy, is very essential in answering the question of why your new zenith bank account account is not active.

Dormancy occurs when a certain account isn’t used for a certain timeframe (usually a year). As a result, you won’t be able to run any transaction with the account—transfers, withdrawals, etc., until you reactivate the account.

The only thing that can be done with such account is the deposit of cash.

According to the Central Bank of Nigeria, dormancy applies to the following factors and conditions;

  1. Even if your account is not active—savings account specifically—whatever interest lies attached to the money contained in the bank account is retained. So, after reactivation of the account, you can withdraw the interest.
  1. Dormant accounts are usually placed under the supervision of the Central Bank of Nigeria. The dormant bank reports are usually made every three months by your bank.
  1. When reactivating a dormant account, you will have to provide the details of your next of kin.
  1. Before any account gets dormant, the bank would notify the bearer of the account three months prior to the time. This notification allows the bearer of the account chance to prevent the dormancy.
  1. Reactivation of dormant accounts is done without charge. Any money contained in the account during that period will also be shielded by appropriate financial measures.

Reactivation of your bank account involves reversing the dormant judgment passed on it.

For that, you’ll need a couple documents—any Identification card you own (A Voter’s card, Driver’s license, International Passport, National Identity Number, etc.) Then, you will also be asked to present a recent utility bill.

This bill can be one for the purchase of power, or any other bill that bears your name and geographical address.

Once you get those two major requirements ready, you can then head over to any of the branches of Zenith bank proximal to you.

On presenting your documents, the reactivation of your account would be processed. At most, the dormant account begins to run after twenty-four hours.


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How can I activate my Zenith bank account online?

Let’s now find out the solutions to the question indicated in the theme topic.

A bank account can be activated on two conditions—when it is inactive (i.e. no transactions recorded on it for six months) or when it is dormant (no activity on the account for a year).

Note that this process can also be done in a bank. However, in a case where you don’t have the time for queues in banking halls, you can try this online method.

First, note that the steps here apply to a dormant Zenith bank account. The SIM that you use for the processes below should be linked to your bank account. Lastly, you need an ATM card that is fully effective. Let’s get started;

  1. Dial *966*00# via the SIM that you registered when opening your bank account.
  1. You will be prompted on the next display to type the last four digits of your ATM card’s Primary Account Number (PAN).
  1. Next, you will be prompted to create a USSD PIN. Ensure that you create a strong and safe password.
  1. In the next prompt, you’ll be prompted to re-enter the PIN that you typed in the previous step.

The steps listed above will immediately give you access to the USSD feature offered by the Zenith bank. Note that this activation is necessary as you can’t reactivate your account online without it.

You can also skip the steps for USSD activation if you already did that some time before. Let’s now see what you need to do to reactivate your zenith bank account online.

  1. Dial *966*0# with the mobile number that you linked to your bank account.
  2. Click the option for the Reactivate Dormant Account
  3. Type in your USSD PIN.

The steps above immediately lead to the reactivation of your bank account.


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