Code to Buy Data on 9MOBILE + How to Buy Online & from Bank

Code to Buy Data on 9MOBILE

9mobile is known to have high speed internet services. To enjoy this, you need to have a data plan. If you are looking for various data plans on 9mobile, the code to buy them, how to buy them online and how to buy directly from your bank then you are at the right place. Read further to have a better understanding about data on 9mobile.

Standard Data plans on 9mobile are grouped into different categories.

  • Daily / Weekly Plans
  • Monthly Plans
  • Mega Plans

Some of the daily/weekly plans come with additional social plans that you can use for browsing social media platforms.

If you get the 100mb + social plan for N100 for instance,  your usage of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will not count against your 100MB data allocation.

This is however applicable with a fair usage policy, so do not think it is unlimited.

9mobile also has what they call Upfront bonus attached to their standard monthly data plans. If you buy a higher data plan on your next data purchase, within the validity of your existing monthly data plan, you will get up to 50% data bonus on the new plan.

There are also night and weekend plans available on 9mobile. These plans can only be used at weekends, and the night plans can be used for a selected hours at night. The weekend plans come with special bonuses as well.

If you buy the N200 for 650MB up to 5 times in a week, you will get back 3.17GB bonus data to use for the entire weekend. Same thing goes for the N1,500 7GB weekly plan.

If you buy it up to 2 times in a week, you will get back 14GB bonus data valid for the entire weekend.


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Code to buy data on 9mobile

To buy data on 9mobile, dial the dedicated data USSD code – *229# and select the data of your choice from the menu. Alternatively, you can dial *229* the plan code of the specific data bundle you want to buy, followed by #.

9mobile Daily / Weekly data Plan codes

Plan Price (Naira) Data plan Validity Plan Code
50 50MB 1 day *229*3*8#
100 100MB + social plan 1 day *229*3*1#
150 300MB + 300 call bonus secs (all networks) 1 day *229*3*15#
200 650MB 1 day *229*3*2#
300 1GB 1 day *229*3*3#
500 2GB + social


3 days *229*3*4#
200 250MB 7 days *229*2*10# or sms AND11 to 229
500 1GB + social



7 days *229*2*1#
1,500 7GB + social plan 7 days *229*2*2#


9mobile Monthly Data Plan codes

Plan Price (Naira) Data Plan Validity Plan Code
500 500MB 30 days *229*2*12#
1,000 1.5GB 30 days *229*2*7#
1,200 2GB 30 days *229*2*25# or sms AND1 to 229.
1,500 3GB 30 days *229*2*3#
2,000 4.5GB 30 days *229*2*8# or sms AND2 to 229.
4,000 11GB 30 days *229*2*36#
3,000 12GB 30 days *229*2*5#
5,000 15GB 30 days *229*2*37#
10,000 40GB 30 days *229*4*1#
15,000 75GB 30 days *229*2*4#
20,000 125GB 30 days *229*2*6#


9mobile night/weekend plans

Plan Price (Naira) Data Plan Validity Plan Code
200 1GB night only

plan (11pm – 5am)

1 day *229*3*11#
1,000 3GB evening & weekend plan (7pm – 6:59am). 30 days *229*3*12#
2,000 7GB evening & weekend plan (7pm – 6:59am). 30 days *229*3*13#



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How to buy 9mobile data online

Every data plan on 9mobile has a dedicated USSD code you can use to purchase it quickly. But the problem is one cannot know it all. If you have data connection, and you can easily purchase any 9mobile data of your choice online through the following ways.

How to buy data online via the 9mobile website

  • On a browser open the 9mobile website and navigate to the data page. You will see the list of the different data plans available.
  • Click on any data plan to reveal the different subscription options.
  • Click on “Buy online”.
  • On the next page, enter your phone number, email address and select the data plan you wish to purchase from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • Enter the required card details to complete the purchase.

You will receive an SMS notifying you of a successful purchase.

How to buy 9mobile data online using payment apps

Outside the 9mobile website, you can also buy 9mobile data online using popular payment apps and wallets.

Apps like JumiaPay, Palmpay, Opay, Branch, and many others can be used to make bill payments as well as recharge airtime and purchase data.

The good thing about these apps is that you can get discounts on data purchases on some of them.

To buy data from any of these payment apps, all you have to do is,

  • Open the payment app you use.
  • Go to the section for Data and Airtime. Choose data.
  • Select 9mobile on the list of network providers and then enter your phone number.
  • Select the data plan you want to buy.
  • Now, proceed to make payment.

Most of these payment services act as online wallets as well. So you can quickly make the payment directly from your wallet balance. Or you can go ahead with paying with a debit/credit card.

The data plans available on these apps are usually limited, so you will not have access to all available 9mobile plans.

How to buy data on 9mobile from bank

There are different ways you can purchase data on 9mobile from your bank.

Buying 9mobile data with Bank dedicated USSD code

Every bank now has a dedicated USSD code for their services. Depending on the bank you are using, you can buy 9mobile data by dialing the dedicated USSD code of the bank.

For instance, *966# is the code for Zenith bank. If you dial this code, you will have access to different banking options and be able to purchase data. However, to use this, the number must be the one linked to your bank account.

Buying 9mobile data with Bank app

The easiest way to buy data is with the bank app. All that is required is for you to have data and internet connection.

  • Open your bank app.
  • Go to the section for purchasing airtime and data section.
  • Select 9mobile from the network provider options.
  • Choose the available data bundle you want to buy.
  • Enter the phone number you want to credit.
  • Proceed and enter your PIN to approve the transaction.


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