Why is MTN Saying My NIN is Invalid? – How to Validate Your MTN NIN

Why is MTN saying my NIN is invalid

Why is MTN saying my NIN is invalid?

The Federal Government recently ordered for the blocking of all unlinked telecommunication lines. What this means is that all lines that aren’t linked to a specific NIN would be barred from making calls. MTN happens to be one of those telecommunication services subject to this new order. Several people have asked questions in this line—why is MTN saying my NIN is invalid? An invalid NIN is usually tied to several issues. Here, we will be looking at the various reasons why MTN is saying my NIN is invalid and the solutions.

A recently registered NIN

After getting your tracking ID from any of the branches of NIMC, you would be told to return at a specific date for your NIN details. On that specific date, you would be given a slip containing your NIN details. Now, the issue that lies with a recently registered NIN is that it doesn’t get activated immediately. So, you may not be able to use it for anything. The reason for this is that NIMC takes some time to prove the validity of the details registered. It is after this happens that you can then link your NIN details to your MTN SIM.

NIMC issues

During registration, you would be required to submit some details—your biometrics, Bank Verification Number (BVN), your date of birth, Local Government Area, your phone number, etc. In a situation where NIMC discovers an issue with any of these details, your NIN would not be activated for use. As a result, you would not be able to link your NIN to your MTN line.

Connection issues

In most cases, MTN could have a busy or failed network. This issue could lead to the telecommunication network telling you that your NIN is invalid. You can easily know if this is the issue if the NIN has previously been active for other purposes. For example, if you have used your NIN for other purposes like unblocking of a bank account without undergoing any stress, you should just wait for the connection to be restored.

Either way, the points listed above are the answers to the question—why is MTN saying my NIN is valid. Now, unto the solutions, you should try the following;

Visit the branch of NIMC closest to you

If you recently obtained your NIN, visit any of the branches and then, request for a hastening of the validation process. Once NIMC can get your account validated, you would be able to use your NIN for any purpose. Usually, the timeframe for this could be about a week or less. If your NIN isn’t recently registered, ensure that you check with NIMC for errors in the details submitted.

Wait for a restoration of connection

Usually, MTN could suffer some connection issues. But then, this hardly goes on for long. Simply ensure that you keep on trying again and again. MTN would send you a message once your NIN has been successfully linked to your line.

For those who want to link their NIN to their MTN lines, simply dial *785#. You would be asked to type in your 11-digit NIN. In case you do not have your NIN slip with you, simply check for your NIN by dialing *346#. Write out the digits carefully and then, link it to your MTN line.

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