Baked Mac and Cheese Ingredients You Don’t Want to Miss! + Recipe

baked mac and cheese ingredients and recipe

Baked Mac and cheese ingredients list

Mac and cheese is one of the best dishes that you want to try out yourself this year. In this article, we will be fleshing out all the ingredients that you need for your baked Mac and cheese, as well as the recipe. We will also be looking at the various reasons that should push you into including these ingredients into your list! So, yes, the baked Mac and Cheese ingredients list is as follows;

Unsalted butter

Butter is a fatty ingredient that helps in ensuring that your macaroni stays moist. It also allows for more spices that adhere to the macaroni. Butter is also useful in the thickening of the sauce used for cheese. In case you do not have butter, you could easily work with ingredients like cream, peanut butter, coconut oil, etc. Also, in a case where you cannot lay your hands on unsalted butter, you could work with salted butter. You would just have to ensure that you minimize the amount of salt you add to the macaroni dish.


This ingredient is one of the major ingredients for the Mac and cheese dish! The best kind of macaroni to be used is the elbow macaroni.


The flour that is incorporated into the Mac and dish is the general purpose flour. Flour is used to reduce the degree to which the cheese sauce runs.


There are different kinds of milk that you can use for your baked Mac and cheese and they include condensed milk, low fat milk, etc. This milk helps to incorporate a milky flavor to your dish.


This ingredient comes handy when you are cooking your macaroni in a pot of water. It is also added to the mix of eggs, cheese, and milk for taste. If you are using salted butter for your dish, you should ensure that you do not add too much of salt to the cheese and egg mix.

Black pepper

This ingredient is used as a spice for your Mac and cheese dish. You can add the freshly ground black pepper in the egg and milk mix. It helps to incorporate a hot flavor to your Mac and cheese dish.

Cheddar cheese

Cheese is another of the major ingredients utilized in the making of Mac and cheese. The best type of cheddar cheese that works best for the dish is the extra sharp cheddar cheese. If you fail to get your hands on the cheddar cheese, you can try working with the white cheddar dish.

Cream cheese

There are different kinds of cream cheese that you can fuse into your baked Mac and cheese diet. There is the one of full fat and another of half fat. This ingredient gives your dish a very rich cheese flavor. You can however cut down on the amount of cream cheese you work with if you do not want too much of the cheese flavor.


This ingredient is used as fillings for your baked Mac and cheese. The best kind of breadcrumbs to work with is the Panko breadcrumb. They help to give your dish more texture and firmness.


This ingredient is also very important as it helps in making your Mac and cheese become firm after a while. It is also very useful in adding flavor to your dish.

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Baked Mac and cheese recipe

Now, we will move on to the baked Mac and cheese recipe. What steps do you need to take to get a perfect Mac and cheese dish? Below are the steps to be taken;

– Preheat your oven to a temperature of about 350-degree Fahrenheit.

– Boil your elbow macaroni in a pot of hot boiling water. Ensure that you add in your salt to the boiling water.

– Sieve the macaroni once it is soft.

– In a separate dish, whisk your milk and eggs together. You can then add in your cheese bars consequently.

– Spices like black pepper and salt can then be added to improve the taste of the mix.

– Grease your baking dish with your butter.

– Pour your sieved macaroni inside the baking dish

– Coat the surface of the macaroni with the whisked fluid mix. Ensure that the coating is even and regular.

– Now, you can proceed to add toppings like sliced bacon, tomatoes, chili, pepperoni, diced chicken bits, pork, Panko bread crumbs, and so on.

– Place the baking dish inside the preheated oven.

– Wait until the top of the mix turns golden brown. This baking process should take about 30 to 40 minutes.

– Bring out the oven dish with oven mitts and then, leave it to cool on a wire rack.

– Serve as a main dish with whichever side dish of your choice.

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