Who is the Richest Between Seyi Vibez and Zinoleesky? (2023)

Seyi Vibez and Zinoleesky net worth

Seyi Vibez and Zinoleesky are one of the biggest young music stars coming out of Nigeria’s booming Afrobeats scene. Their rapid rises to fame have sparked comparisons, with many fans debating – who is richer between Seyi Vibez and Zinoleesky? You’re about to find out.

Both Zinoleesky and Seyi Vibez have amassed a considerable fan base, especially among young listeners, due to their ability to connect with their audience through their music. They have collaborated with other notable Nigerian artists and continue to release new songs that resonate with their fans.

Zinoleesky gained significant popularity with his breakout hit single “Mapariwo,” which garnered millions of views and streams. In September 2020, Ma Pariwo ranked as No. 14 on Apple Music Chart and No. 12 on YouTube Chart.

Seyi Vibez also gained attention with his breakthrough single “Chance (Na Ham)” from his second studio album “Billion Dollar Baby” which debuted at No. 19 on the UK Afrobeats singles chart and peaked number 7 on the TurnTable Top 100 chart.

Their music has received widespread recognition and acclaim, solidifying their positions in the Nigerian music scene.

Now, let’s address the burning question – who is the richest between Seyi Vibez and Zinoleesky? While both artists have achieved success in their respective music careers, there is a significant difference in their estimated net worth.

Seyi Vibez net worth 2023

Seyi Vibez, real name Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi, hails from Ogun State. He broke through in 2021 with the release of his debut studio album ‘No Seyi No Vibez (NSNV),’. Vibez is known for hits like “Chance (Na Ham)”, “Billion Dollar”, and “Bullion Van”.

As of 2023, Seyi Vibez’s estimated net worth is around $150,000. This wealth is attributed to the music he has released and the performances he has had.

While relatively new to the scene, he has already landed lucrative endorsement deals and sponsorship packages. Seyi Vibez is currently an independent artist and is not signed to any record label.

Zinoleesky net worth 2023

Zinoleesky, real name Oniyide Azeez, hails from Ogun state as well. He is a bit younger than Vibez, getting his start in 2018. Zinoleesky hit it big in 2020 with the smash single “Kilofeshe” and hasn’t looked back since.

As of 2023, Zinoleesky’s estimated net worth sits around $400,000. Zinoleesky has made a significant amount of money from his music career, including performances, music sales, and endorsements.. He is signed to Marlian Music record label.

Who is the richest between seyi vibez and zinoleesky?

Based on their net worth estimates, Zinoleesky appears richer than Seyi Vibez as of 2023. Zinoleesky has amassed more wealth in a shorter period of time. However, both artists remain early in their careers. Their net worth and popularity continue to grow rapidly year after year.

Note that these figures can fluctuate over time due to various factors such as album sales, endorsements, and investments. So keeping visiting this blog to stay updated.


When it comes to showcasing their success, both Seyi Vibez and Zinoleesky have acquired luxury cars that reflect their rising status in the music industry.

Seyi Vibez surprised fans when he shared a picture on his Instagram page with a Range Rover, a Chevrolet and a Wrangler in the background. This display of luxury vehicles, including a Range Rover worth millions of Naira, solidified his image as a successful artist.

Zinoleesky, on the other hand, acquired a Ferrari 458 Italia worth over 120 million naira. This purchase marked a milestone in his career and showcased his growth and financial success.

However, it is important to remember that success is not solely measured by wealth. Both artists have made significant contributions to the Nigerian music industry and continue to grow and evolve in their respective careers. Let’s celebrate their talent and appreciate the music they bring to our lives.