Rema Girlfriend & Wife – Name, Age, Pictures, Biography

 Rema has quickly risen to become one of the most popular young music stars in Nigeria’s booming afrobeats scene. While gaining fame for songs like ‘Dumebi’, ‘Lady’ and ‘Calm Down’, there is an intense interest in Rema’s personal life especially concerning his relationship status. .

As of early 2023, Rema has not publicly confirmed being in a relationship with any particular woman. The 23-year old singer keeps his romantic life very private. However, some fans speculate he may be dating fellow Nigerian musician Ayra Starr based on their closeness and social media interactions.

Rema has been romantically linked to various women like models Diana Eneje, and American singer Justine Skye after being spotted together at her birthday. The internet has been buzzing with speculations about their relationship.

But he did not outrightly claim any as an official girlfriend. Rema prefers keeping that aspect of his life out of the public eye.

Rema girlfriend

While he has not acknowledged a present girlfriend, Rema’s most serious romantic association seemed to be with model Diana Eneje. Diana appeared as Rema’s love interest in his 2019 music video for ‘Dumebi’. This led many fans to assume they were dating in real life too.

However, by 2021, Rema and Diana unfollowed each other on social media sparking breakup rumors. Neither confirmed being in a formal relationship.

Rema and Fashion Model, Eva Apio, have been spotted together in various instances, including playing a popular TikTok game and being seen in social media posts but there’s no definitive confirmation of a romantic relationship between Rema and Eva Apio.

So despite constant speculation, Rema himself is yet to identify anyone as his bonafide girlfriend. He may be single and focused on building his career.

In a YouTube video titled “REMA Comes Clean On The Identity Of His Girlfriend,” the video claims Rema opens up about his girlfriend. Watch Video Below;

Rema girlfriend age

As Rema has not confirmed his current girlfriend, her age remains unknown. However, Diana Eneje, his rumored ex-girlfriend, was born on August 19, 2002. Slightly younger than Rema who was born in 2000, so Diana is 21 years old. Ayra Starr, who Rema is newly linked with, is 21 years old too.

So if Rema has an ongoing relationship, his girlfriend is likely a young woman close to his age in her late teens or early 20s. But her identity and exact age are unknown for now until Rema himself discloses more.

Just know that the talented Nigerian musician Rema keeps details about his dating life very private. He has not unveiled the identity of a current girlfriend publicly yet. Unverified reports have linked him to various women in the entertainment industry like Diana Eneje, Ayra Starr, Eva Apio and Justine Skye.

But Rema himself is yet to confirm any relationship. His girlfriend’s age and identity remain a mystery as the budding music star prefers keeping that side of his life away from the limelight.

Rema wife

As of 2023, Rema is not officially married yet. The 23-year old talented musician remains unmarried and single based on all indications. There have been no public records or news of Rema having done a wedding.

Rema has also not personally confirmed being married or introduced a wife. Some fans speculate he may be in a private relationship. However, he has not acknowledged having a wife.

Several social media users and bloggers have tried linking Rema romantically to some women. But there’s no evidence of him being married. Rema seems focused on his music career for now.

Rema wife age

Given that Rema is not married yet, there is no information on the age of his wife. Unless Rema confirms details about his marital status and introduces his wife publicly, her age and identity still remains unknown. I don’t even think Rema is interested in marriage yet until later in life.


To summarize, talented Nigerian singer Rema has not officially gotten married yet as of 2023. He has not provided any details about having a wife currently. The young afrobeats star maintains a very private personal life away from social media and headlines. He may focus on his fast-rising music career first before settling down in marriage in the future. But for now, Rema does not have a confirmed wife that is known to the public.