What is the Code for Airtel Night Plan? & Night Plan Balance

what is the code for airtel night plan 

The Airtel night plan gives you more data volume for use for a particular period of the night. Currently, there is only one Airtel night plan option available, which is the N25 for 250 MB plan.

What is the code for airtel night plan 

The code for Airtel night plan is *312#. The Airtel night plan cost N25. To purchase the Airtel Night plan, all you have to to do is to dial *312# on your phone to access the USSD menu. Reply the USSD pop up with 3 or the number corresponding to the option to proceed to get that Airtel night plan.

The Airtel night plan is only valid for 1 day and can only be used within the hours of 12 AM and 5 AM.

Unlike before, you cannot buy the night browsing bundle multiple times. The 250MB Airtel night plan can only be purchased once a night.

Also, note that, to be able to purchase the Airtel night plan, you have to be on the Airtel SmartTybe tariff plan. If you are not, then dial *312# to migrate.

Before you migrate however, here is what you should know about Airtel SmartTybe.

SmartTRYBE is one of the popular Airtel tariff plans that is designed to keep users connected with the latest trends, activities and happenings on the internet.

This is to say that Airtel SmartTybe has some of the best data rates and plans you can find on the Airtel network. You get access to special campus data deals,  on campus and also the 1.5GB for N500 bundle valid for 7 days


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What is the code for airtel night plan balance

When using night plans, it is usually a case that you have a normal data plan already.  Most times we don’t intend to use our main data plan especially when doing heavy downloads, hence the reason why people do night plans in the first place.

One way to prevent using up your main data bundle together with your night plan bundle is to monitor the night plan balance you have left.

So I’ll be showing you the code for Airtel night plan balance so you can keep an eye on your night bundle balance.

There is no specific code for Airtel night plan balance but you can use the general data balance code for Airtel night plan balance.

There are different ways to check your remaining data balance and you will always find your night plan balance on the list.

To check your airtel night plan balance  dial *140# on your phone dialer to access the USSD menu. Replay with the corresponding number to check balance and press send.

You will get a pop up of your available data balance including your Airtel night plan balance as well.

You can also check your Airtel night plan data balance with *141#.

  • Dial *141# on your phone dialer to bring up the USSD menu.
  • Reply with the number corresponding to data balance on the list of options. Usually this is the number 9.

You will get a pop notification of an incoming SMS. When you receive the SMS, open it and you will see a breakdown of all your data balances including your Airtel night plan balance.

Alternatively, you can quickly check your Airtel night plan balance with be code *141*9#.


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