2023 Good Night Message To My Soulmate (Long & Short +Quotes

good night message to my soulmate

When you find the person for you—the one who makes you laugh so hard you belly aches, the one who offers you the strongest and happiest friendship, the one who makes excitement and love course through you—you have to let them know! Let them feel the same emotion that’s threatening to cause an explosion in your heart. And really, there’s no better way to start than for you to read the 100 good night message to my soulmate guide.

100 Good night Message To My Soulmate

  1. It’s another night to wish the most beautiful person in my world a wonderful night. I wish you the best of nights. I love you my darling.
  2. Every night when I’m about to sleep, I’m immediately reminded of how lucky I am to have an amazing person in my life. Goodnight sweetie.
  3. I miss you so much my darling, and the thought of you lights up my face. I hope you sleep well and wake up feeling the happiest tomorrow.
  4. To the most beautiful person I know, have a lovely night filled with lots of sweet dreams.
  5. I’m missing you so much tonight my angel. Sleep tight and don’t forget that you’re loved beyond words.
  6. Look up to the sky, and you’d see a lot of stars, but you’re the brightest star I can think of at the moment. Good night baby, I love you.
  7. I can’t wait for you to fall asleep so that I’d meet you in your dreams. I love you forever and a day more beautiful!
  8. I love you baby, and I wish I were there with you to warm your lonely night. Have a splendid night, my love.
  9. Goodnight to the person I love and admire so much. Can’t wait to hear from you tomorrow. Enjoy your night my darling.
  10. May God watch over you as you drift into a wonderful sleep my love. Goodnight to you baby.
  1. I feel blessed to have a beautiful soul like you as my soulmate. Goodnight, my love.
  2. Goodnight sweetheart. Don’t miss me too much, because I’d be the first person you’d hear from tomorrow. Enjoy your night my love.
  3. When I count my blessings, I count you twice. Goodnight to you my love.
  4. I’m forever blessed to have a sweet soul like you as my person. Hoping to spend the rest of my life with you my baby. Goodnight!
  5. Having to spend each day with you, has to be one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. I hope we can do this from now till forever. Goodnight my love.
  6. I’m grateful to have a darling like you in my life. Have a goodnight, Mi Amor!
  7. Partings are hard but I’m comforted with the fact that tomorrow is another day to hear from you, my love. I wish you the best night ever.
  8. Thank you for loving me, soulmate. My life has become so peaceful ever since you came into my life. Have a nice night.
  9. Even though I’m not with you physically but my heart is connected to yours. Can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow. Enjoy your night, my love.
  10. You make my life so beautiful, my love. And as you are, you’re what they call beauty. I love you so much poopsy. Sweet dreams.

  1. Goodnight my love. I want to remind you that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I’m forever grateful to have the sweetest person in the universe as my soulmate.
  2. The fact that I have you in my life is enough reason for me to keep on living. Thank you for choosing me, sweetheart. Goodnight!
  3. Goodnight to you my world. Life couldn’t have been better without you in it. I love you forever and a day more.
  4. My love bug, I wish I were there to pet you to sleep. I love you so much schmoopy, goodnight!
  5. I’ve not been able to get my mind off you. I’m so in love with you baby. Goodnight to you, sweet soul.
  6. Sweet dreams, munchkin. I wish you the same amount of happiness and love that you’ve brought into my life.
  7. You are everything I asked for and even more. Knowing you is knowing a queen. My heart belongs to you, sugar. Goodnight my love.
  8. I can wait to have you in my arms, poopsy. Have a splendid night with lots of wonderful dreams of us together.
  9. I can’t seem to think of another better way to spend this beautiful night with a very beautiful person. I’m so in love with you honey. Goodnight!
  10. My love, when I wish you goodnight, it means you’re all up in my head, and I can’t stop thinking of how much you’ve stolen my heart. Goodnight my love.
  1. My baby! My love! My sweetheart! I’m so lucky to have you in my life and I wish you a stress filled night. Sleep tight my darling.
  2. Gentle reminder, my pretty toots. I love you and I wish you the best of nights. Don’t let the bed bugs bite my pretty vanilla.
  3. As you go to sleep my love, I’d be there in your dreams to wade off nightmares. Sending lots of kisses to you, my baby. Goodnight!
  4. I wish I was there with you to warm you up with my love. Sleep well, love.
  5. I can sleep gallantly tonight because I was able to hear from my love and soulmate. My heart is forever yours, shnookums. 
  6. Thank you for choosing to love me with all my imperfections and flaws. I love you more honey pie. Goodnight!
  7. Funny how words fail me whenever I want to express my love for you. You’re the sweetest person I know. I love you to the moon and back baby. Have the best night ever.
  8. My baby, thanks for making my day memorable. I hope in turn you have the sweetest sleep ever. Goodnight poopsy.
  9. Goodnight sweetheart. My love for you has no end. Go to sleep without worries because you’d forever be my baby.
  10. I love you pretty baby, trust in me when I say. Goodnight sweetie!

Long good night message to my soulmate

  1. Goodnight my love. I can’t help but think about you every minute of the day. I love you more than a thousand diamonds baby.
  2. I’d remain grateful to God for making me meet a perfect soulmate. I love you so much my baby. Goodnight!
  3. The night always seems so long for me because it means I can’t be in contact with my best friend and soulmate. Have a splendid night, munchkin.
  4. Before you close your eyes to sleep, know that your baby is here missing you so much. Goodnight my sweetheart!
  5. My love! I’m sorry that I can’t be with you to sing the sweetest lullabies to you. Sending lots of kisses and hugs to you. Goodnight sugar.
  6. Can’t wait to fall asleep and meet your pretty face in my dreams. Have a good night, sugar.
  7. Baby, I hope you’re thinking of me as much as I’m thinking of you. I’m crazily in love with you, honey. I wish you the best of nights, my love.
  8. Sweetheart! My love for you knows no bounds. My heart is for you now and forever. I love you so much, baby.
  9. I wish you the best of dreams tonight, with more sweetness than you’ve brought into my life. Have a nice night, sugar.
  10. Sleep well my love. I wish you a stress free and peaceful night. 
  1. It’s funny how your smile makes me so crazy. I know you’d be reading this message with smiles on your beautiful face. Have a wonderful night my love.
  2. Baby, goodnight. It’s my wish to see you beaming with smiles everyday. I love you with all my heart, sugar!
  3. Darling, my darling! I’ll be with you through all the ups and downs of life. You mean the world to me honey. Have a wonderful night.
  4. Oh my love! It’s another night to greet my baby goodnight. Have an amazing sleep as you drift into dreamland. I love you schmoopy!
  5. I miss you so much, sweetie. Can’t wait to hear from you again tomorrow. Till then, enjoy your sleep and have a stress-free night, my love!
  6. Spending each night without you has been so difficult. I miss you so much, my love. I’m thinking of you, goodnight baby!
  7. I’d love to send you flowers, but you have no address. Your home is in my heart. Goodnight my queen.
  8. You’re the person I think of throughout the day. It’s funny how I still think of you at night. I love you so much, love bug. Have an amazing night.
  9. I can’t help but think of how beautiful you’d look as you lay in bed about to sleep. Love you so much soulmate. Goodnight.
  10. My wish right now is to have you tightly in my arms. Don’t miss me to much baby because I’m here missing you like crazy. Goodnight, my love!
  1. Baby, I know you had a rough day. It’s time to cool with off with a soothing sleep. I love you my baby. Goodnight!
  2. I can remember when I sent you a good morning message. Now, it’s time to greet my precious goodnight. Have a wonderful night, my love.
  3. I wish I were there to pet you to sleep, but I hope my goodnight message gives you the needed petting to fall asleep. I love you dearly my schmoopy. Goodnight love.
  4. Thinking about you is enough to make my night wonderful. I love you sweetie. Goodnight.
  5. It’s my wish for you baby that you remain happy every day. So sweetheart, I wish you a happy night with sweet dreams.
  6. I can’t stop thinking of you, even tonight my baby. You rock my world. Goodnight love!
  7. I’m sending this message with your picture in my hand. I can’t help but wonder how one person can be so charming and gorgeous. Have a wonderful night, my love.
  8. You make my life so beautiful, my darling. And I will love you forevermore. Goodnight, sweet angel.
  9. Words will fail me to describe how blessed I am to have you in my life. You add so much meaning to my life. I love you forever and a day more. Goodnight princess.
  10. I can’t bring myself to fall asleep, until I have told you how much I’m in love with you. You are the light I carry in my heart. Goodnight poopsy!
  1. Goodnight my baby. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. I love you soulmate.
  2. My soulmate! My Precious! Baby, you’re always on my mind. The tenderness of your love makes me go crazy. Goodnight dearest.
  3. It’s another night to greet my dearie goodnight. Thanks for making my day. Hope we can make more memories tomorrow. I love you so much, baby!
  4. When you close your eyes, I hope you see me in your dreams. Goodnight beloved!
  5. My love! I can do anything to make it daytime again. Every minute I get to spend with a sweetheart like you is golden. Have a peaceful sleep love.
  6. Goodnight munchkin. Wish you have a sound sleep tonight. I love you!
  7. Sweetheart, my heart belongs to you. I can’t trade you for anyone else. Goodnight my love.
  8. Oh my love! I’m all yours, and there will never be another one because I’m entirely yours. Have a wonderful night, my love!
  9. Baby, you make my life so colorful. And as you are, I will love you forevermore. Goodnight darling!
  10. Goodnight schmoopy. I wish I could be there with you tonight to cuddle you to sleep. Have the best night ever my love.

Good night quotes for soulmate

  1. When I see the stars, I remember how twinkling your face can be. Goodnight, my love!
  2. Nothing can be as warm as your smile. It melts my heart away. I love you so much my darling.
  3. Tell me do you want eleven kids because I would love to build a football team with you. Love you to pieces, schmoopy. Goodnight!
  4. If I could wish for one thing now, it would be me being in your arms. Have a wonderful night, my soulmate!
  5. I’m blessed to have someone like you darling, that I can talk to in the morning and night. Words may fail me to express how much I love you. Goodnight, my dear!
  6. Goodnight dear. Can’t wait to experience what tomorrow has in store for us. Have a sweet sleep.
  7. If I were to walk through the valley of shadows, I know you’d be with me. I love that I can count on you soulmate. Goodnight, my love!
  8. When I look into your eyes, I see crystals of love, hope and sweet promises. And now looking into your eyes has become an hobby. Have a wonderful night, soulmate.
  9. With me, you and the holy ghost, we can make a wonderful trio, soulmate. I love you forever, baby.
  10. If you could look into my heart, you’d see your name engrafted all over. I always think of you, darling. Goodnight!
  1. Whenever I try to compare you with the girls of the world, I always find out that there’s no one like you sweetie. I love you! Have a goodnight.
  2. You are my shining star. My only sweetheart. My only love bug. I love you so much darling. Enjoy your sleep.
  3. A lover like you is rare, and I count myself lucky to have a rare gem like you as my soulmate. My love for you knows no bounds, darling. Have a peaceful night.
  4. Goodnight beautiful! I know my baby had a busy day, and I hope you get enough sleep to restore your strength. I love you munchkin.
  5. Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, baby. Have a splendid night rest.
  6. Thank you for making everyday great for me. I’d love you from now till eternity, baby. Have a goodnight.
  7. I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. You add so much meaning to my life. I love you so much, darling. Enjoy your sleep.
  8. My love, thank you for being a shoulder I can lie on. Thanks for being my safe place. Can’t wait for us to unfold together what life has in store for us. Goodnight, dearest.
  9. It’s a beautiful feeling, what we’ve got deep inside. We’ve got a love that will last forever, together, you and I. I love you beyond words, my baby. Goodnight!
  10. Thanks for being so caring, loving and romantic. If I were to come to this world again, I would choose you a thousand times. My whole heart is yours, goodnight my love!


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