Papaya Leaf Juice Side Effects – How to avoid these effects

Papaya leaf extract side effects

papaya leaf juice side effects

Despite being a great fruit with lots of health benefits, papaya leaf juice when abused can still lead to some serious side effects.

It’s always advisable to consume things in moderation and if possible seek medical help before consuming anything especially if you experience allergies to some stuff.

As you read you’ll see where I pointed out some benefits of drinking papaya leaf juice and how it can be beneficial in treatment and prevention of some health problems.

However, consuming high dosage of papaya leaf tea can go contrary to those health benefits by causing some serious side effects.

So in this post we’re going to see the papaya leaf juice side effects, health benefits of papaya leaves, how to prepare it and the incredible health benefits of ripe papaya fruit.

Papaya leaf tea side effects

Below are some side effects of drinking papaya leaf juice, this happens when you consume these pawpaw leaves in excess.

1. Stomach irritation

Despite being a great contributor to the optimal functioning of your digestive system by relieving and preventing some digestion problems, taking this papaya leaf tea in excess can cause stomach irritation.

2. Drastic decrease in low sugar

Another side effect of papaya leaf tea is in its ability to lower blood sugar. Though this is beneficial to diabetic patients who have high levels of sugar in their bloodstream but when not monitored can drastically reduce your blood sugar to lowest which is also harmful to your health.

In addition, people that are about to undergo surgery should stop consumption of papaya leaf tea at least 2 weeks before surgery to avoid problems concerning blood sugar.

3. Allergies

Papaya leaf juice contains papain, chymopapain and karpin. Don’t consume if you’re allergic to those to avoid severe side effects and always seek medical help if you’re unsure.

Those are the likely side effects of consuming papaya leaf juice especially when consumed in excess or being allergic to its contents. Papaya leaf juice can still provide you with the below benefits if you don’t have allergies and consume in moderation.


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Health benefits of papaya leaf juice

Health benefits of papaya leaf juice

Like I said earlier, you can only experience the aforementioned side effects when you overdose the papaya leaf juice or you consume it despite having allergies to its content.

However, apart from those cases drinking papaya leaf juice can provide you with the below health benefits.

1. Fights infection

Harmful parasites and microbes in your body system can lead to illness and infection. Papaya leaves juice does not only inhibit the growth of these harmful parasites but also prevent the re – infection of these parasites and microbes, this is as a result of tannins in this juice. This juice can also fight off worms in your intestine.

2. Aids in digestion

Digestive problems like constipation, bloating and peptic ulcer caused by the bacterium H. pylori can be relieved and destroyed using papaya leaves.

It solves this problem due to the presence of papain and chymopapain in this leaves. In addition, digestive enzymes; amylase and protease in these leaves also helps in the breakdown process of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals as well as gluten in wheat products.

3. Reduces risk of cancer

The leaves of this healthy fruit is packed with properties and phytochemicals that lowers your risk of having different kinds of cancer.

The juice itself has enzymes that has shown to be effective in the treatment of lungs, breast, liver, cervis and pancreas cancer. Not forgetting the fact that the vitamin C in this juice is an immunity booster against cancer.

4. Treatment for dengue fever

Over the years, paw paw leaves have being used as a traditional medicine to treat this disease. Dengue fever is caused by a virus and is very deadly to the host. However paw paw leaves is very effective in combating this disease.

5. Promotes hair growth

These healthy leaves does not only boost your hair growth, but also fights off hair problems like hair breakage, itchy scalp, dandruff, hair thinness.

Karpin and alkaloids present in this leaf is responsible for doing this and also removes dirt and ol from the scalp. There are lots of natural hair products produced with paw paw leaves, get one for yourself to enjoy this benefit.

6. Relieves menstrual pains

If you experience menstrual pains, cramps or post menstrual syndrome, paw paw leaves juice is a great reliever!. It does this by allowing easy flow of blood during your menstruation. This juice can also help in balancing your female hormones and regulate your menstrual and ovulation cycles.

7. Heals skin

Do you have problems of premature aging? do you want to have a clear skin and enhance its appearance? Paw paw leaves has always being a great deal for this!

Like I said earlier about the fruit, the juice/tea from its leaves can also kill the free radicals causing this. Karpin in this fruit also removes toxins and waste in your skin thereby preventing your skin from having infections.

8. Fight diabetes

Excess sugar in the blood is very unhealthy and can lead to diabetes. However paw paw leaves helps to lower the sugar concentration in your bloodstream and also heal their wounds faster.

Papaya leaf tea recipe

Here is a simple recipe for preparing papaya tea, of course you’ll need to know this in order to enjoy the above benefits. It’s very easy to do, just follow through these steps

  • Get fresh paw paw leaves and wash them
  •  Cut them in small pieces and put them inside a pot and boil them.
  •  Without covering the pot, allow them to boil and simmer till the water is reduced to half
  •  Strain the liquid and store in a container.

Your papaya leaves tea is ready to serve!! you can refrigerate and finish within 3 or 4 days, or you can prepare daily and drink the fresh tea for more effectiveness.

You can also crush/blend the leaves and extract the juice without boiling it, or you also cook the leaves and add it to your meals.

If you experience allergies, ensure you consult your doctor before administering.


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Ripe papaya benefits

I’m sure you seen the papaya leaf juice side effects but before you go, I’d like to remind you the amazing health benefits of the wonderful papaya fruit. I’m talking about the ripe fleshy fruit itself not the leaves.

Ripe papaya benefits

It’s loaded with lots of healthy nutrients and is very beneficial to your general health anytime you consume it. Without wasting time below are the incredible benefits of papaya fruit.

1. Helps in digestion

Do you experience problems like constipation, bloating, ulcer, irritable bowel, improper digestion or any problem relating to digestion? well not to worry, papaya is a great reliever for this problems.

This wonderful fruit contains a prolic enzyme called papain. This is enzyme helps you digest proteins and also reduce your inflammation.

Intake of this fruit will help relieve you of problems resulting from improper digestion and maintain your digestive tract.

2. Loaded with nutrients

This amazing fruit is packed with all the nutrients needed by your body system. With its content like potassium, magnesium, folate, B vitamins, vitamin C and fiber, papaya is indeed a healthy source of all your required nutrients!. Just a medium size of this amazing fruit will provide you with enough calories you’ll need throughout the day.

3. Protects your skin

Do you know that excess free radicals in your body system can cause you to age fast? you’ll see yourself having wrinkles, sagging skin, coupled with other skin conditions that comes as a result of aging.

Papaya fruit on the other hand contains lycopene antioxidant and vitamin C. Consuming it will help lower these free radicals, protect your skin from alpha rays and prevent you from experiencing premature aging.

4. Boost immunity

Having a strong immunity should be added to priority list if you desire a healthy life. Do you know that we contract bacteria and diseases in our daily life?

You might not know this because our immune system is always fighting off these diseases and protecting our body from further attacks.

This is why is very vital for you to build a very strong immune system, so as to protect your body from bacteria and other foreign diseases. You might be wondering “how do you build a strong immunity?”

Fruits highly rich in vitamin C are great immune booster. Regular consumption of these “vitamin C” content fruits like papaya will help you build a very strong immune system that will help protect you from unknown diseases.

5. Lowers risk of cancer

Damage to DNA could activate genes that might cause cancer. However to avoid this, consume papaya a lot. This healthy fruit is loaded with lycopene.

This is an antioxidant that will protect your body from this damage to your DNA, thereby saving you from the risk of cancer.

In addition, this antioxidant gives you protection against sun exposure, radiation and other external sources. Did I tell you that the fiber in paw paw can also help you prevent colon cancer?

6. Promotes heart health

Excessive bad cholesterol in your body system can disrupt your heart performance and lead to many cardiovascular problems.

However this healthy fruit is rich in carotene which will enhance the cardio protective ability of the good cholesterol (HDL).

Also, vitamin C and A present in papaya can help prevent cholesterol from oxidizing and the fiber also in this fruit can contribute greatly to the reduction of high levels of cholesterol in your body system.

7. Reduce risk of diabetes

This amazing fruit has anti diabetic properties. Papaya releases hyperglycemic effects and can improve lipid profiles in both humans and animals.

An experiment was conducted on rats using paw paw extract. The results showed that there was a tremendous decrease in blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

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