MTN Cheap Data Code 2023 – Prices & Subscription Codes

Mtn codes for cheap data

Mtn Cheap Data Code

Having to manage your data because you don’t have much funds can be very annoying, yes? So, here, we will be discussing how you can get Mtn cheap data code with your registered Mtn line! Besides an Mtn SIM which you would obviously need, you have to ensure that you have functional mobile device!

Mtn cheapest data plan

Yes, you might have heard about several Mtn cheap data plans code, but what everyone still wants at the end of the day is the cheapest of all! At least, that way, you could end up saving more money while obtaining maximum satisfaction at the same time!

First, let’s introduce you to the Mtn Double data plan! How does this plan work? you get opportune to receive twice of every data plan that you buy. In simpler terms, you get a hundred percent bonus on each and every purchase you make! Trust me, it is the best!

For example, if you subscribe to the 5Gb monthly plan, you would instantly get an additional 5Gb free data that doesn’t get exhausted quickly just because it is a bonus data. You would be able to use it at the same pace that you would use your regular data!

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Mtn double data code

To start with this amazing data plan, you can follow the procedures below;

  • Send the term ‘Promo’ to 131 via SMS.
  • You would instantly receive a message that says ‘Thank you for your request for device bundle at 1naira per day.
  • Reply by texting ‘1.’
  • After, you can choose any of your data plans and subscribe to them! There is the 3Gb for 1000 naira, the 4Gb for 1200 naira, etc. you’ll get double of any data plan you subscribe to.

Mtn data4me code

The mtn data4me data plan is an offer that allows you to enjoy massive data plans at a very affordable cost. This mtn cheap data code is known as the Data4Me service and you can get amazing data offers like;

  • 24Gb for 3500 naira
  • 2Gb for 500 naira
  • 40GB for 5000 naira
  • 9GB for 2000 naira

One thing you need to take note of though is that the mtn data4me does not offer all of these data bundles at once. The more you buy, the sweeter the bundles that are made available to you. The code is known as the Data4Me service.

To get started with the mtn data4me bundle code, you can follow any of the techniques below;

  • Dial *121#.
  • You will receive some on-screen prompts on your mobile phone.
  • Enter in figure ‘3’ to choose the Data4Me bundle.
  • From there, you will see several cheap mtn data bundle choices that you can choose from, depending on the eligibility of your mtn sim.

To check your data balance for any of your subscriptions above dial *131*4# or you send 2 to 131 as a text message.

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Cheap mtn data bundles

There are several data bundles on the Mtn line, and a lot of them aren’t very friendly to the pocket. So, here, we will be fishing out the ones everyone wants to see—the cheap Mtn data bundles!

  • Just dial *131#
  • Select 1 (Data Plans)
  • Select 1 for (Daily Plans) or 2 for (Weekly Plans)

From there you’ll see some of the cheapest mtn data plans, apart from the 25 naira mtn night plan, you’ll see daily data plans that go for as low as 50 naira and weekly plans that are less than N500

Mtn Data4keeps bundle

You can start by dialing *136*2*999#. This code will lead you to the Data4keeps bundle. To join the number of users that can work with this network, dial *136*4*7#. You could also do the registrations online. The Data4Keeps service will allow you to access data plans with a validity of 12-months. For more information on the Data4Keeps mtn cheap data code visit mtn/data4keeps


I hope the mtn cheap data code provided in this post was really helpful to you, if it was, do well to share this post to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post. We understand how costly data can be sometimes, considering the need to be online these days, we then provided these cheap mtn data plans code that you can afford and be online even if it’s for a day! helpful right? then share this post and also comment below.

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