MTN Night Data Time, Prices & Subscription Codes 2023

Mtn night data plan

mtn night data time

The Mtn night data time talks about the time the Mtn night plan, so we’re going to look at the time it starts, offers available and the prices. The mtn night data plan is one offer that is exclusively for Mtn users, and as long as you have a functional phone with an Mtn SIM, you are good to go.

So, here we will be looking at a couple codes that would get you activated all night! Trust me, the data bundles are amazing, and can be purchased at very cheap rates. Mtn recently increased their night data time from what it formerly was—12a.m to 5p.m—to a wider range of 11p.m to 6a.m!

Mtn night plan code

Before the Mtn night plan code can be activated, you need to first know about something called the Mtn Pulse. The Mtn Pulse is a tariff plan that allows Mtn users to enjoy several added benefits! The Mtn night plan code is one of the many benefits that those under the Mtn Pulse program can enjoy. As long as you are an Mtn Prepaid customer, you are free to enjoy this pulse plan. To join the Pulse program, you could just follow the steps below.

P.S: Migration to mtn pulse tariff is free of charge, however, if your current tariff plan is not up to 30 days since you joined it then ensure that you have a minimum of 100naira on your phone before continuing with this.

  • Dial *406#.
  • You will see some on-screen prompts. Dial 1 to migrate to Mtn Pulse.

You could also migrate to the Mtn Pulse by doing any of the following;

  • Texting 406 to 131.
  • Dialing *406*1#
  • Dialing *123*2*2#

The *406# code is the gateway to all of the mtn pulse and the night data time subscriptions.

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Mtn night sub code

You don’t have to go through the steps listed above if you are already in the Mtn Pulse though. All you just need to do is start from here. You could text ‘Night’ to 131 or dial the *406# code.

To activate the mtn night data plan using the *406# code, follow the procedures below;

  • Dial *406# on the keypad of your device.
  • Dial the ‘3’ icon for night time bundles.
  • You will see a page where you are prompted to choose the kind of plan you want. There are two and plans, and they include;
  • N25 for 250MB.
  • N50 for 500MB.

To choose the first one, type in ‘1’ on your keypad. To choose the second one, type in ‘2’ in your keypad.

  • You will receive a message that asks for a confirmation of your transaction. If you want to confirm, type in ‘1’ on your keypad. The other option is for you to return to the menu.
  • You can now go on to enjoy your Mtn night data time plans.

Note that you can repeat these codes, i.e., to buy more night data, until you reach a limit of 2GB. This extra allocation is under the condition that you use the data fairly. You should also note that once you renew the N50 data plans in a night four times, you will not be able to renew it again likewise the N25 data plan (eight times). Also, in a case where you cannot exhaust your night time data, or probably slept past the allocate time, there wouldn’t be a roll-over of the unused data. So, it’s advisable that you get only what you know you can finish. 

In Summary

What time is MTN night time data?

The mtn night data time starts from 11pm – 6am. To activate the mtn night data plan Dial *406#, Select 3 (NightLife Bundles), then Select the Mtn Night Data Plan that you want. You can use up to 2GB every night.


The mtn pulse night data plan is one of the best data plans provided by mtn pulse. It allows you to have access to the internet from 11pm – 6am for as low as N25, this is a very welcome development for people who are always on the internet till midnight hours. You can simply activate the mtn night plan and save your main data plan. If this post was helpful to you, do well to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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