How to Get MTN 24GB for 3500 Code & How to Be Eligible

Code to get mtn 24gb for 3500

Mtn 24GB for 3500 Code

The mtn 24GB for 3500 is becoming one the most popular and best data plans from mtn currently, not only is it the best, it’s becoming one of the most affordable right now for heavy data users and we’re going to show you the code to activate this amazing data plan in this post. Stay tuned.

Mtn the largest telecom operator in Nigeria, no doubt. They always have a way of making their plans more attractive than the others.

This Mtn 3500 for 24gb it isn’t the usual or the standard data bundle, but is a double data promo under Mtn’s data offers “Data4me”and this offer lasts for 30 days. An additional 3GB YouTube data plan will be given to you, to be used on youtube from 11:00pm-6:00am which is also valid for 30 days. This is not a cheat, it’s a normal data plan and I’ve been using it for a very long time and it’s available for both old and new mtn users to enjoy! So if you are a heavy data just like me, read below for the 24GB for 3500 code.

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How to activate Mtn 3500 for 24GB

To get the mtn 24gb for 3500 dial the code below and follow the steps; Make sure you have 3500 naira airtime in your airtime account for this 24GB data plan.

  • Dial *121#
  • Select 1 (TopDeal4ME) or 3 (Data4ME) option and click the send button to go to the next step.

An option will come up with the available and affordable data offers for you. It could come up as this;

  1. Enjoy 24GB for 3500
  2. Enjoy 9GB for 2000

Select the option that has the data plan you wish to go for, in this case you select the option 1 which has the 24gb for 3500 offer.

  • Select 1 (Activate)
  • Select 1 0r 2 (Auto-Renew or One-off).

Select (Auto-Renew) if you want the data plan to automatically renew whenever it expires. If you don’t want that then select option 2 (One-off), this option deactivates the data plan whenever it expires and won’t renew unless you subscribe again.

Once you are done, your line will be credited with 24GB worth of data and extra 3gb night plan data for youtube which is valid for 30 days. You will get a text message from Mtn confirming activation of your plan, your data volume and the validity period. With this mtn 24GB for 3500 plan you can download or stream your favorite movies, songs and games online etc.

You can check your balance by dialing *131*4#.

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How to be eligible for mtn 3500 for 24gb

This mtn 3500 for 24GB data plan is not really available for everyone. It all depends on how active and regular you subscribe for mtn data plans.  To be eligible for this plan, you have to be an active mtn user and subscriber. The more you recharge or buy data regularly, the more chances of getting bigger Data4ME option. I get up to 40gb data for just 5k in my own offer, in addition to this one too.

For people that are not regular data plan subscribers and do not spend much on data plan you might only be eligible for the mtn 200 for 1gb offer or mtn 300 for 1.5gb offer. In order to be eligible for the one above you must at least be a regular subscriber. The offer is really good and I recommend it for heavy data users who spend much on data every month – this data plan will serve you well.

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