Yoruba Herbs for Manpower and Erectile Dysfunction

Yoruba herbs for manpower

Manpower is mostly linked to the sexual activity of a man during an intercourse. Sometimes, a man could face several issues, and usually would be termed as someone with a considerably low manpower, today, a lot of botanicals like the Yoruba herbs have been discovered which help to boost a man’s power when related to sexual activities. A few of the issues that lower a man’s power include the following;

  • Premature ejaculatɩon of sperms.
  • Dysfunctional erectile muscles of the penis.
  • Low sexual desire.

These issues usually lead to a lowering of the self-confidence of any male, but then, that can be boosted back with the use of Yoruba herbs for manpower. Here, we will be looking at a few of these herbs and their peculiarities.

Yoruba herbs for manpower

  • The Glory Bower herb

In Yoruba, this herb is referred to as ‘Feremomiin.’ It helps a man to keep on being sexually active for a longer time than usual.

  • The Chinese Bur

In Yoruba, this herb is known as ‘Ilasaomode.’ All you need to do here is boil the leaves of the Chinese Bur plant in water, after which you can then drink the water. It helps to promote the virility of a man.

  • Clove leaves

In Yoruba, it is known as ‘Kanfuru.’ It helps to dilate the blood vessels in the erectile sexual organ of a male during sexual intercourse. It is this increased dilation that is responsible for the hardening of the penis. All you need to do is get the clove oil, and then, rub it on to your sexual organ. Ensure that it is diluted though.

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Yoruba herbs for erectile dysfunction

The issue of erectile dysfunction is an issue that is characterized by a man being unable to hold an erection during an intercourse. It usually cases a lot of strain in several relationships, as well as a reduction in the confidence of the male among women and his peers. However, all of those issues can be solved with the Yoruba herbs for erectile dysfunction. Here, we will take a critical look at the different herbs that can help solve the issue of erectile dysfunction.

  • Bitter Kola

This is known as the Garcinia Kola, and it is very common in the West African region of Nigeria. In Yoruba language, bitter Kola is referred to as ‘Orogbo.’ What it does is that it helps to work on a man’s libido, as well as increase the sperm count of a man. With bitter kola, you can also be sure of a stringer erection.

  • Garlic

This is one herb that you would find in Nigeria and every other country in the world. It is known for the resolution it provides for problems related to the vessels that transport blood, and other issues with erectile dysfunction.

  • Wonderful Kola

This herb is a perennial plant that stands as a tree. In Yoruba language, it is known a ‘Uworo.’ The parts of the tree useful for the issues with sexual manpower are the seeds, which can either be cooked or eaten raw. What the wonderful kola does is to increase the sexual desire of a male. It can also help to strengthen erection.

  • Ginger

This herb is known as ‘Atale’ in Yoruba. It helps to fetch man stronger erections.
Now, all of the herbs listed each have their individual functions and contributions to a man’s sexual activity. But then, you can increase their general function by blending them all together. The following procedures will help you achieve great results.

How to prepare yoruba herbs for manpower and erectile dysfunction

  • Gather the ingredients together.
  • Get rid of the dirt on their surfaces.
  • Wash their barks and surfaces.
  • Slice them into neat squares.
  • Pour all the herbs and leaves into a powder.
  • Now, as for the liquid medium, you could add any of your choice. Water is a great solvent to use.
  • Leave the mix for about three days so that a fermentation process can occur.
  • Drink the mix for about three to four days to get a wonderful result.

Once you begin to drink the mixture regularly, you would notice even stronger erections. Ensure that you do not overdose yourself though. One or two shots in a day is enough to fetch you what you need.

However if your erectile dysfunction is caused by an underlying hormonal condition we’d advise you to go see your doctor who would recommend supplements that will help boost your hormones.

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