Medicinal Benefits of Bitter Kola and Side Effects in the Body

Medicinal Value of Bitter Kola and Side Effects

Medicinal Benefits of Bitter Kola

Bitter kola is regarded in high esteem in mostly in african countries especially nigeria due to its numerous medicinal benefits.

Garcinia kola also know as bitter kola is a specie of flowering plant from west and central africa. It has being used traditionally for centuries in the treatment of different ailments such as cough, malaria, lung function, stamina, boost in sexual performance especially to men etc and other medicinal benefits of bitter kola.

Many africans especially the elderly ones believe this fruit possess spiritual powers and also prolongs life which leads to their reason of never lacking this fruit in their homes.

Even at that bitter kola poses serious negative effects when it’s abused and has some effect on pregnant women.
In this post we’re going to look at the medicinal benefits of bitter kola and side effects

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Medicinal Benefits of Bitter Kola

1. Bitter kola and sexual potency

For men who experience low sexual drive during intercourse with a woman, bitter kola is your friend. Studies have shown the effectiveness of bitter kola in enhancing sexual performance. To enjoy this benefit chew bitter kola few minutes before intercourse, it will help boost your sex drive and make you last longer in bed.

2. Bitter kola and weight gain

Bitter kola has proved to be of great help in reduction of belly fat and weight. Ever noticed anytime you eat bitter kola you always have this urge to drink water? Water helps to give you a proper food digestion thereby reducing your belly fat and eating bitter kola increases you urge to drink more water. Bitter kola also suppresses your hunger and urge to eat thereby helping you lose weight.

3. Bitter kola and immune system

Frequent consumption of bitter kola help to build your immune system against disease attack. The antioxidants present in bitter kola helps to fight bacteria and improve your immunity and protects you against any foreign disease.

4. Bitter kola and stamina

If you ever feel tired or fatigue anytime you want to engage in any work or after engaging in little work, you might be suffering from weak or low stamina. Chewing one bitter kola will help give you a strength boost and get you back on your feet. For men who are weak and not vibrant during sex can also eat bitter kola few minutes before sex for an increase in stamina.

5. Bitter kola and glaucoma

Glaucoma is an increase in the pressure within the eyeball which gradually leads to loss of sight and subsequent blindness. Consuming bitter kola at least twice a day will help reduce this pressure within the eye balls and your risk of having glaucoma.

6. Bitter kola and metabolism

For better metabolism throughout the day, eat one bitter kola in the morning this will facilitate your digestion on the food you’ll eat that day.

7. Bitter kola and longevity

Bitter kola is believed to prolong life, reason you always see bitter kola being consumed by elderly people at all times. It also contains chemical compounds according to researchers, that helps to breakdown glycogen in the liver.

8. Bitter kola and lung function

Another medicinal benefits of bitter kola is it helps to maintain good respiratory function. It has being effective and used for centuries traditionally in the treatment of cold. Regular consumption of bitter kola helps to strengthen the fibers and tissues in the lungs.

9. Bitter kola and osteoarthritis

This is a common form of arthritis that affects mainly the joint cartilage and underlying bones causing pain and stiffness in those areas. Researches at obafemi awolowo university nigeria showed the effects of bitter kola in reduction of pain associated with arthritis symptoms and helps in movement of the joint in the affected areas.

10. Bitter kola and STD

Due to the antibacterial property present in bitter kola, it has shown some healing effects on sexual trasmitted infections such as staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, salmonella typhi, streptococcus pyogenes and even HIV. According to a researcher with the NIgerian Natural Medicine Development Agency, bitter kola could be used in treating infections associated with HIV due to it’s antibacterial, detoxification and cleansing properties.

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Side Effect of Bitter Kola in the Body

Despite the aforementioned health benefits of bitter kola, abusing it might cause a lot of side effects in body. Below are the side effects of eating bitter kola

1. Bitter kola and blood pressure

If you’ve had experiences with increase in blood pressure, please avoid the combination of bitter kola and alligator pepper. Don’t take them at the same time it’s very dangerous as taking them might plunge your blood pressure to extreme levels.

2. Bitter kola and blood clotting

If you’re bleeding avoid eating bitter kola. Excess consumption of bitter kola can lead to blood clotting and worsen your bleeding condition. Don’t take it after a surgery too.

3. Bitter kola and diabetes

Bitter kola contains high levels of caffeine and can negatively alter your sugar levels. Consume in moderation.

4. Bitter kola and anxiety

Bitter kola contains components which can worsen your anxiety problems. If you have problems relating to stress, stay away from bitter kola.

5. Bitter kola and diarrhea

Limit your intake of bitter kola if are suffering from diarrhea. Excess intake can worsen your condition.

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Other Medicinal Importance of Bitter Kola

1. Bitter kola and malaria

Chemical constituents in bitter kola has anti malaria properties according to an experimental study. This helps to fight malaria parasites and if malaria persist consult your doctor.

2. Bitter kola and voice

Consuming bitter kola can help to smoothen your voice. If you have crack or coarse voice bitter can can help clear your voice by stimulating the mucus production in your vocal tube.

3. Bitter kola and constipation

Anytime you feel constipated, eat bitter kola it’ll help relieve your system by removing gas from your system.

4. Bitter kola and mouth odour

If you forgot to brush your mouth in the morning, you can eat bitter kola it’ll help remove the odour and save you from embarrassment when meeting people.

5. Bitter kola and snakes

Spreading bitter kola in your vicinity will help drive away snakes from your compound because snakes don’t like the smell of bitter kola.

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