How to Change Transfer Pin on GLO – Retrieve Forgotten Pin

Transfer Pin on Glo

How to change transfer pin on glo

Do you want to know how to change transfer pin on glo? for security reasons it’s very important you know this. Your glo transfer pin should be confidential and kept away from unauthorized people. Anytime you notice illegal transfers on your glo airtime, just know that your glo pin has being tampered with.

So knowing how to change transfer pin on glo will save you in moments like that. It’ll also save you a lot of stress of finding the person behind that because you have changed your transfer pin to a new pin so the former pin that person knows becomes invalid.

In this post you’re going to know how to change transfer pin on glo and how to retrieve your transfer pin incase you forget it.

Globacom nigeria is one the fast rising and second largest telecommunications in nigeria. With its fast 4g internet services, data and voice bonuses, glo has served and pleased its customers over the years making them skyrocket to over 45 million subscribers in 2018

Glo easyshare does not only let you transfer airtime from glo sim but you can also change your transfer anytime, anyday and it’s very easy and does not take time at all. Without wasting much time let’s see how to change glo transfer pin.

Change transfer pin on glo

If you’re new to glo easyshare and have not done any transfer before, your transfer pin is 00000. This pin by default was assigned to you by glo for your transfer transactions, so don’t be surprised how the person stealing your airtime got to know your pin.

The best thing to do whenever you get a glo sim is to change your default transfer pin to your own personal pin that you can remember, whether you’re going to transfer with that sim or not, just change the pin.

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How to change transfer pin on glo

To change transfer pin dial *132*Default pin/Old pin*New pin*New pin#
Note: If you have not transferred before or have not changed your glo transfer pin before then your default pin is 00000.

New pin is the pin you want to change to and it must be 5 digits. Example if the new pin you’re changing to is 19287, then dial *132*00000*19287*19287# and send, you’ll get a message confirming your request.

If you have changed your default pin to a new pin before and want to change it to another new pin then use the aforementioned procedure it still works.

How to retrieve my glo transfer pin

Have you at some point in time wanted to make a transfer and don’t seem to remember your transfer pin, you’ve tried a few ones in your head and they’re not working? relax there’s nothing to worry about just dial glo customer care line 121, they’ll instruct you on what to do.


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