How to Use Lime & Lipton tea for Weight Loss & to Burn Belly Fat

lime and Lipton for weight loss

You will have one point or the other heard about the use of lime and Lipton for weight loss. When an individual gains weight, it could be as a result of poor feeding—feeding on foods rich in calories— or other poor lifestyle habits. These stored up fats are usually not healthy and must be gotten rid of consequently. Adding Lipton drinks and lime to one’s meals help immensely in scraping off the excess fat. However, to get the maximum effect from them, you must do the following;

Eat well

If you do not eat the right foods, you would not see the effects of Lipton and lime even if you drank ten cups a day. You have to always ensure that you eat foods that are low in calories and sugars. Eat low-calories fruits that would fill your stomach up, and consequently reduce your appetite for other foods.

Exercise regularly

You have to always ensure that you exercise often as that goes a long way in burning the body fats. This lifestyle habit works hand-in-hand with Lipton tea in ensuring that you lose as much weight as possible.

Avoid stress

One of the ways the body responds to stress is by storing fats in the body. Stress reduces the rate of metabolic activities in the body, and so, the waste materials that could be flushed out remain in the body. Fats also do not get broken down the way they should. This could lead to several issues like heart diseases, obesity, stroke, and so on.

Lipton tea and lime for weight loss

Here, we will deal with each of them and then, see how lime and Lipton work in getting rid of the excess fats in the body and aiding weight loss.

First, Lipton comes in form of a tea bag which when immersed in hot water releases constituents that help in the burning of fats. For example, Lipton contains antioxidants that help to shield the heart from visceral fats. The antioxidants also help to get rid of free radicals that cause obesity, and type-2 diabetes.

Lipton tea bag is one that contains constituents that were gotten from leaves. Those leaves when ground contains catechins that helps to get rid of toxins from the body, as well as reduce the rate at which the calories get burned.

Lipton also contains flavonoids which help to ensure weight loss. For example, a cup of water in which a Lipton tea has been immersed contains 0g of fat, 0mg of Sodium, and 0g of calories.

Lipton also contains caffeine which helps to speed up the rate at which weight loss occurs. In one serving of Lipton, you get about 35mg of caffeine. Caffeine works to increase fat oxidation and burning in the body.

Lastly, Lipton contains natural ingredients that help to get rid of the stress imposed on the body. It also helps to increase the rate of metabolism in the body. Metabolism involves the breakdown of fats and other food substances in the body in order to release energy and then, get rid of the waste products.

Lime on the other hand is loaded with tons of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that contribute to help to get rid of free radicals in the body. In some cases where the belly fat refuses to go regardless of the treatment options, we could blame it on the excess hormones in the body. Examples of these hormones include cortisol.

What lime does is to increase the rate at which the liver carries out its metabolic function. That way, more of the excess fats are burned off.

Lime also is a rich source of citric acid which helps in increasing the rate of metabolism in the body. That way, your body gets to burn more calories, and to also store lesser amounts of fats in the body. When you combine the consumption of lime water with lifestyle habits like regular exercising, you’d be able to get maximum results.

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Can Lipton and lime burn belly fat?

Several people have wondered if Lipton and Lime can help to burn belly fat. The answer to that is yes! Lipton and Lime contain antioxidants which help to destroy the free radicals that cause the buildup of fat and toxins in the body. They also help to speed up the metabolic processes occurring in the body. That way, waste materials are flushed out of the body at a faster rate, thereby improving the health of the person as a result.

To prepare Lipton tea, follow the procedures below;

  • Heat up water in a kettle. Once the water begins to boil, go ahead to turn off the fire.
  • Transfer the water from the kettle to a teapot.
  • Add the Lipton leaves or teabag to the hot water.
  • Strain the leaves or teabag out of the water after about three to five minutes. Once they stay for a time longer than that, you could end up introducing some other unimportant constituents to your tea.
  • Transfer the tea to your cup.

To get maximum reduction of your belly fat, you could use about two teabags instead of one. That way, you get to increase the concentration of the weight loss ingredients in your tea. You also should ensure that you avoid sweetening agents like sugar.

Lipton tea has a very refreshing taste that keeps you full for long periods. During those periods, you lose the inclination to eat more foods. That way, your calorie level is kept under check. You also get to increase the rate at which metabolism occurs in the body. You could also follow the tips below to obtain more benefits from Lipton teabags.

– Drink about two cups of Lipton tea every day.
– You can drink a cup of Lipton every day before working out. The two complement each other.
– Drink Lipton as an early morning beverage.
– Do not eat foods rich in calories, sugar or fats alongside Lipton.

For people whose bodies are receptive to lemons, you could spice up your Lipton teas by adding a teaspoon of lemon. The additional constituent increases the rate at which fats in the body are burned.

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