Benefits of Drinking Clove Water in the Morning and at Night

benefits of drinking clove water in morning and at night

Clove is an aromatic spice that can be introduced into meals of people. However, when it is converted into liquid form, it has more benefits. Here, we will talk about the benefits of drinking clove water in the morning and at night. First, let’s see how we can obtain clove water from cloves. Follow the procedures listed out below to get started;

  • Immerse about two to three cloves into water. You could heat up the water a bit though to allow the useful constituents present in the clove to find their way into the water.
  • Leave the cloves soaked in the water overnight.
  • Strain the cloves from the glass of water.
  • Drink.

Benefits of drinking clove water in the morning

Drinking the clove water in the morning has been noted to stir up the best effects since the stomach would be empty by then. Now, let’s discuss the various benefits of drinking clove water in the morning.

It helps to improve the digestion of food

When food is not properly digested, it could lead to several issues like bloating and constipation. The indigested food, when in the anus could cause diarrhea which leads to the individual growing weak over time. Clove water has also been seen to assist in the secretions of the gastric walls. Once the right enzymes are secreted, the food can then be digested adequately. Also, clove water helps to relieve an individual of stomach pains and indigestion.

It helps to reduce the weight of the individual

When you drink clove water, you feel full for a long period of time. As a result of you feeling full, you do not have to consume foods that are rich in calories. Foods that are rich in calories usually contribute to weight gain in an individual. So, you could utilize the reduction in appetite by feeding on series of healthy foods that aren’t rich in calories.

It has several antibacterial properties

Clove water has been noted to contain several constituents that are resistant to bacteria. The water has the best effect when it is used to rinse the mouth. Most of the bacterial strains that affect the teeth can be eradicated as a result of the water.

It improves the health of the skeletal system

Most of the issues that arise as a result of ageing have to do with the skeletal system. Due to the reason of wear and tear, the bones begin to grow weaker. The joints also aren’t as strong as before, leading to issues like osteoarthritis—pains in the joints.

It helps to maintain the blood sugar levels

This particular benefit is good for people suffering from diabetes. When the blood sugar level is too high, it could lead to issues related to high blood pressure. That is because the pressure of the blood and the amount of sugar present in it work hand in hand. So, it is advised that diabetic patients or those who are susceptible to being diabetic should take clove water every morning before they eat any other food.

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Benefits of eating cloves at night

There are also several benefits of eating cloves at night, just before you sleep. Clove water has the following nutritional values;

  • Calories 6
  • Carbohydrate 1g
  • Fiber 1g
  • Manganese 55% of the daily value
  • Vitamin k 2% of the daily value

Manganese for example helps the brain to achieve maximum functioning. It also helps to strengthen the bone by stimulating the development of more collagen fibers.

Cloves also help to prevent the growth of tumors within the organs of the body. Cloves produce oil that contains eugenol, which helps to fight against cancer.

Cloves also help to kill bacteria as it has antimicrobial properties. An example of the bacterial strain that it kills includes E.coli that causes food poisoning.

Cloves help to improve the health of the liver. The liver is known to perform a number of functions like detoxification, deamination, breakdown of red blood cells, and so on.

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