Is Jada Pollock White? – Jada Pollock is from where?


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You might have heard the name Jada Pollock in connection with Wizkid, but there’s more to her story. We are going to talk about her ethnicity, whether she’s white and also learn more about her background.

Jada Pollock is a celebrity talent manager and businesswoman best known as the manager of Nigerian music star Wizkid. She also serves as Wizkid’s third baby mama and mother of his two sons Zion and AJ.

Her relationship with the Afropop icon often elicits curiosity about her ethnic background and origins.

From her lighter complexion and hair texture, many wonder whether Jada Pollock is white.

Is Jada Pollock White?

Jada Pollock is of mixed ethnicity but is considered an American by nationality.

Jada Pollock is from where?

She was born to American parents Mr. and Mrs. Pollock and is from the USA. Despite her mixed background, her nationality is American.

While Jada Pollock was born and brought up in the UK, her association with Wizkid introduced her to Nigeria. She got involved with Wizkid in 2012 in a managerial capacity to help him grow his music internationally.

As their working relationship evolved into a romantic one, Jada became increasingly immersed in Nigerian culture. This deepened further after she had her first son Zion with Wizkid in 2017 and later another son AJ in 2022.

Raising her half-Nigerian sons with Wizkid meant Jada splitting her time between Lagos, London and the US. Over the past decade, Jada Pollock’s life has become closely connected with Nigeria through her familial ties despite her not being Nigerian by birth.



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Her Career

Jada Pollock has an accomplished career as a talent manager, brand consultant and entrepreneur. Jada Pollock’s career has been a significant part of her life.

She’s known for her work in talent management, especially in the music industry. She has managed various artists, including Wizkid, and played a crucial role in their careers.

She started out working with artists like Chris Brown, Estelle and Akon as an image consultant and stylist. In 2012, she began managing Wizkid helping grow his music internationally. She still manages Wizkid today.

Jada also runs her own businesses including an image consulting agency for celebrities. Jada has built a reputation as a top international talent manager.



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