CV Format in Nigeria – How to Write a Good CV for a Job in Nigeria 2023

Best Format for Writing a CV for Fresh Graduates in Nigeria

.“Step by Step Method of Writing a Professional CV in Nigeria” is locked Step by Step Method of Writing a Professional CV in Nigeria

In today’s article we are going to talk about How to write a good CV for a job in Nigeria and how to write a good cv for fresh graduate in nigeria 2019

Purpose of a very good cv in nigeria

Most people think that writing an outstanding CV is enough to get them a job but that is not the case don’t get me wrong you need to have an outstanding CV but that CV will only get you to the job interview so that you can be able to present yourself in the best way possible and be able to convince the employer that you qualify for that position.

2019/2020 CV format in Nigeria

These are the sections of a standard cv in nigeria and format on how to write a cv in nigeria

1.Personal details

Some personal details you need to indicate are

  • Full name – indicate your full name as it appears on your ID card
  • Phone number – indicate your direct phone number and if you have anyone close to you like your brother, sister, mother or father indicate their number too. Having an extra number is important because sometimes your own number might not be reachable due to bad network or anything that is why having an alternate phone number is important so that the alternate number can be reached in case they want to invite you to the interview and when putting the alternate number indicate your relationship to that person, if it’s brother or sister you indicate so that it becomes clearer the hiring manager.

How to write a cv for a job in nigeria

Checkout some samples of some cv format in Nigeria

  • Email address – when writing your email address try to make it professional. it’s advisable to use your first and second name for your gmail or yahoo mail address it makes it look more professional other than using your nickname. Remember you are going to be contacted or invited for interview through your email address or phone number. So if don’t have a professional email go and create one because it’s very important.

Note: When writing your personal details it’s not necessary to indicate your tribe, driving license or English as your language. You can only do this unless you know other international languages like French or Spanish you can indicate them. But apart from that writing any other thing aside your full name, phone number and email address in your personal details is not important and does not add any value.

2.Career objective

This is talking about your field or course of study in your high institution. For example you can say I’m a graduate of economics from Imo state university and possess lots of initiative and communication skills and you are looking for an opportunity in maybe customer services or sales just give them an idea of what you studied and what you can do.

3.Educational background

Your educational background should be arranged in their order of hierarchy i.e from the most recent and highest qualifications to the lowest and the years of study.

For example you can say; (BSc. Economics) Imo State University, Owerri 2nd class lower 2012 – 2016, you indicate depending on your own qualification, if you have a diploma or a professional certificate you also indicate it below that.

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4.Work experience

This is all about your internship while you’re still in school or after you have graduated. In putting your work experience you have to start with the job title first after which you indicate the duration and then the organization or company below that then you indicate the responsibilities, when doing that just indicate the top most five responsibilities don’t go and be listing all the duties and responsibilities only indicate the five key responsibilities.

How do i write a cv in nigeria

 You can Download this cv format in nigeria

Note: In your work experience is important you have achievements i.e what value did you add to the organization you worked for or how did save or improve the organization this appeals the employer so when working try to have achievements at least two this distinguishes you from the other candidates.


If you have undergone any specific training you indicate the title, the period of your training and the person that provided you with the training. Whether it’s customer service, marketing or any type of training just indicate it.


You might be thinking is it really necessary? is it important to indicate your hobbies? yes it is very important because your hobbies tells the employer more about your passion and who you are. Let’s assume you have passion for blogging and you have a blog. Then you apply for a media or journalist job don’t you know indicating blogging or writing as your hobby will earn you more marks?. So hobbies are really important if they are relevant to the position you are applying for. You can’t be applying for a media job and you write swimming as your hobby remember it must be relevant to the position you are applying.


Anybody you are using as your referee must know you and must be informed about it. Your referee could be your family member, former lecturer or your boss during your internship. Note that anybody you are using as your referee must have a position. So in your referee section you should indicate the name of the referee, the position they hold in the organization the work for and email address or mobile number if necessary.

So these are the How to write a good CV for a job in Nigeria. Also the best way to write a cv in nigeria
wish you best of luck!

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