The Best Way of Promoting your Business Online in 2023

It’s very important for you to know how to market your business, you can have the best products, best quality or services but if you don’t know how to market them nobody is going to know about your business and you probably won’t make any sales, so it’s very important you know how to market your business  so in today’s article we going to talk about The Best Way of Promoting your Business Online in 2019, this is applicable whether you have a physical product ( shoes, bags) or digital product (eBook, online course) or an event or maybe you want to help promote someone’s business, I believe this methods are going to help you regardless of the services or product you want to promote online.

The Best Way of Promoting your Business Online

                                                         SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

Social media marketing is so amazing, it’s cost effective and works so well so many people have built their brands through social media. There so many different ways you can market your products on social media, you can use facebook, instagram, pinterest, youtube or even your whatsapp.

You can promote your products using facebook ads or sponsored post on instagram but before that you need to know which social media relates well with your business depending on your niche and where you can find your target market.

For example if you’re trying to reach older adults on social media it’s recommended to use facebook, if you want few more audience you use pinterest there many different ways to market on this platforms but before that you need to know which platform best suits your business.

There are several ways you can promote or market your business on social media but today we are going to talk about the two ways I use and it works for me

  • Become your brand

You can decide to be the face of your brand this will save you a lot of money, you can upload weekly videos of yourself on youtube talking about your products and promoting your products there are so many advantages to this and it’s going to save you so much money because you are using yourself and not paying anyone to do it for you

  • Partner with influencers

If you don’t want be the face of your brand you can hire people to become the face of your brand, you can go to instagram and partner with influencers or people with high engaging audience who will sponsor or advertise your products. If you don’t want to be the face of your brand that doesn’t mean you can’t promote your products on social media you partner with influencers pay them and they will help promote your products on their page, so it’s very important you know about influence marketing  because it’s  one of the powerful ways of promoting your business

The Best Way of Promoting your Business Online in 2019


  1. Learn from your competitors

Whatever your market or business is its important you know at least your top 10 competitors if it’s a product your selling type in the name or keyword on line and know your competitors, see if they have a website, facebook group, email list and engage with them, you can also buy their product and compare the quality and packaging with yours this will help you get ideas on how to go about your own product for market purposes and you will have a lot to learn from your competitors and see what is working for them and  how they were able to succeed.

Look at your top ten competitors, see what they are doing and what they have in common if they are doing facebook, instagram or youtube and doing well in them get ideas on how they are doing it and start your own, don’t be intimidated by your competitors  use them as an example and apply their ideas to your own.


  1. Experiment your ideas

If you are doing youtube, instagram, facebook or blogging try to experiment new ideas, try different content look at the data and the algorithm and see what is working try different hashtags and keywords and see what people are really engaging with. Try a lot of things and see what is working because as a starter who is trying to promote his/her business you need to identify what is working for you and do more of that.


  1. Don’t try to be perfect

Most people often times make the mistake of trying to make things perfect before putting it out online for people to see or waiting for the perfect time let’s say you want to promote your product using instagram or facebook ad and you keep waiting till you get enough money to do big promotions while there are packages you can easily afford, if you keep waiting for the perfect time you might end up not promoting that your product, or let’s say you have a youtube channel or a blog don’t wait until you buy a camera or a laptop before you can start putting out content, you can use your phone and start making content though it might not be easy but it’s better than waiting for the perfect moment which may never come so use what you have now and it will work for you.


  1. Contest and giveaways

This is one of the great ways to get your product out there for people to see especially if you have a new product. People like free stuff and you can get thousands of entries on a contest, this allows them to see your product for the first time even if some people don’t win the contest or giveaways they might be interested in your product and convert to your customer and pay for your product


  1. Be consistent

No matter how good your product is most people are not going to buy them the first time they see It that’s why is very important to keep putting out your content out there a day will come when people will want to try your product because they keep seeing it online every time and some might even follow you on your social media platforms and when they follow you try to engage with them, share more content with them and give them something of value this will make them want to see and try your product.


  1. Build your audience

Try to make people subscribe to your channel and follow your social media first, don’t worry about them not buying your products the first time focus on building and adding value to your audience it allows you to have more reach to people out there and they will buy from you it’s a matter of time.

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