How to Transfer 1gb Data on AIRTEL in 3 Easy Steps

Transfer 1gb data on airtel

how to transfer 1gb data on airtel

Do you want to know how to transfer 1gb data on airtel? I’ve being using airtel sim for quite some time now and I can testify that it’s one of (if not) the best telecommunication services in nigeria.

The airtel 4g bonuses alone that I’ve being flexing since I upgraded my last sim to 4g is enough reason for me to say this, I don’t think any other network can beat that now.If you don’t know about the airtel 4g bonus and how to get it, hmm I wonder which network and data plan you’ve being wasting your money on.

Well if you’re an internet freak like me that can’t stay without data on your airtel sim and your family and friends know about this, you can agree with me that they have at a one particular point in time disturbed you for hotspot or to send data to their airtel sims.

And you have wondered how you can send them data even if it’s 1gb to have peace of mind from their disturbances? well you’re not alone as I’ll be sharing with you today how to transfer 1gb data on airtel

How to transfer data from airtel to airtel

It’s very simple just dial *141*712*11*recipient’s number# if you want to send 10mb.
For 25mb just dial *141*712*9*recipient’s number#
For 60mb just dial *141*712*4*recipient’s number#

How to transfer 1gb data on airtel

Airtel can’t allow send 1gb at a time to another person using the above method, but there are three methods of doing that


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Airtel Data Gifting

If you have enough airtime on your airtel sim you can gift a 1gb or more data bundle to your family and friends.
it’s not difficult at all, it’s just like when you’re subscribing for a data plan but the difference here is that it goes to the person of your choice while the money is deducted from your own airtime.

If you don’t have a enough data to send you can gift a data bundle to your family and friends. To do this
Dial *141#
Select 6 (data gifting & sharing)
Then select 2 (data gifting) with the data plan you want (monthly, weekly, daily etc)
Enter the recipient’s number
Enter your pin

Airtel Me2U

This allows you to share mb to  upto four family and friends on the airtel network

To share mb from airtel to airtel first of all send SHARE as a text message to 121.

You will receive a message from airtel on how to add friends or family members to your airtel family list. This will enable you to share your data with them.

To add members to this list send “ADD Recipient’s number”
if the number you want to add is 080XXXXXXXX
then send “ADD 080XXXXXXXX” to 121

You will receive a message confirming this request, then press 1 to confirm.

From then on the recipients will now have access to your data in their own device until you cancel or delete them from your list

How can I transfer 1gb data on airtel

Using your airtel sim dial *141#
Select 6 (data gifting & sharing)
Select 3 (data me2u)
Then 2 (send me2u from existing allowance)
Enter recipient number
Enter data allowance(mb)
Then enter pin
Note: You and your recipient must be using airtel sim for this to work.

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