Bitter Kola and Pregnancy – Effects on the woman & her baby

Bitter Kola and Pregnancy

Is bitter kola good during pregnancy? Bitter kola also known as garcinia kola has provided numerous health benefits for centuries. it is very effective in the treatment of many illness such as glaucoma, cough and diarrhea, boost human metabolism and is believed to increase longevity and so on.

bitter kola and pregnancy

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Despite these benefits, abuse of bitter kola can lead to serious side effects and some particular group of persons have being advised to avoid the intake of bitter kola at a particular stage in their life. Example are pregnant women. What is the side effect of bitter kola during pregnancy? what amount of bitter kola are the required to take in a day? is bitter kola good for the unborn child? all these questions and more is what we’re going to discuss in this post as well as the health benefits of bitter kola.

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Effect of Bitter Kola on Pregnancy

Bitter kola contains Caffeine – a natural stimulant which stimulates your brain and helps to keep you awake and alert. It is mostly found in coffee, tea, some energy drinks and cocoa plants(bitter kola). Most people consume this stimulant in order to stay alert and awake in the night or when they are supposed to be sleeping. This however will keep you awake and alert during that time but impose serious negative effects on you afterwards.
While some people believe bitter kola is good for pregnancy. Researches and sources shows that one bitter kola contains as high as 200mg of caffeine in it, this is the same amount of caffeine contained in two cups of coffee.

Eating Bitter Kola During Pregnancy

This high level of caffeine contained in bitter kola can increase the adrenaline, blood pressure and heart rate of the pregnant woman as well as affect the woman’s sleeping pattern which is not a good condition for a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman should get enough sleep and a normal blood circulation and heart rate until she delivers.

Other effect of bitter kola on pregnancy is the caffeine in bitter kola also affects the baby’s sleeping pattern, weight, metabolism, movement and subsequent serious health problem to the baby and can even lead to miscarriage of the unborn baby
So pregnant women are advised to stay away from bitter kola. Especially during the early stage of her pregnancy as the baby is still maturing and can’t adapt to the rate of caffeine in bitter kola which can pose as a negative effect on the baby and the mother.

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Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

health benefits of bitter kola

Despite the effect of bitter kola on pregnancy. It still provide lots of amazing health benefits to men and women. Below are the health benefits of bitter kola.

1. Bitter kola and weight gain

Do you know that regular intake of water gives you proper digestion and also reduce your belly fat? How can you be drinking more water? by eating bitter kola. Have you noticed that you always feel thirsty anytime you eat bitter kola. This is because bitter kola increases your urge to drink more water and drinking more water helps to easily digest your food and help your lose weight and belly fat.

2. Bitter kola and longevity

Africans have used and consumed bitter kola for centuries due to it medicinal properties and the powers they believe it possesses. Africans most especially elderly ones believe that consumption of bitter kola prolongs life. That’s why you’ll never see them lack bitter kola in their homes. Researches have also proved that chemical compounds in bitter kola helps to break down glycogen in the liver which is an essential process in the body system.

3. Bitter kola and glaucoma

Glaucoma is caused as a result of increased pressure in the eyeball and can lead to blindness if not taken care of. Regular consumption of bitter kola helps to reduce the pressure in the eye according to a lagos university teaching hospital journal.

4. Bitter kola and immune system

Your immune system will be prone to diseases and attack if it’s weak. The antioxidants in bitter helps to boost your immune system making it strong and helping you to fight bacteria and protect you from disease and attack.

5. Bitter kola and stamina

Weak stamina makes you get tired easily after doing very little work and leaves you being unproductive at the end of the day. Eating one bitter kola in the morning will help boost your energy to go through your vigorous activities throughout the day.

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6. Bitter kola and constipation

Constipations make you feel very uncomfortable. Eat one bitter kola this will help relieve your system by removing gas from your system. Also eating one bitter kola will help facilitate your digestion which leads to a boost in your metabolism.

7. Bitter kola and food poisoning

Any time you eat something contaminated or you suspect food poisoning. Chew bitter kola seed and the bark this will help detoxify the body system and get rid of the poison.

8. Bitter kola and cough

Chemicals in bitter kola is very effective in cleansing the excess mucus in your throat. Anytime you’re choked with cough or experience chronic cough. Always chew bitter kola it will help relieve the cough in less time

9. Bitter kola and lung function

Ever wondered why smokers move around with bitter kola? It has being effective in the treatment of cold for centuries and helps to strengthen the lung tissues and fibers due to the high antioxidant content present in it.

10. Bitter kola and malaria

Chemical constituents present in bitter kola helps to fight malaria parasites due to its anti malaria properties. That is why traditional healers over the years have prescribed for the treatment of malaria.

These are health benefits bitter of kola, be careful not to abuse it to avoid the negative side effects of bitter kola, when consuming remember to consume in moderation. Pregnant women should as well avoid it in order not to suffer from the effect of bitter kola on pregnancy.

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