How to Stop Auto Renewal on Airtel 2023 – Cancel, Opt Out & Deactivate

How to opt out of auto renewal on airtel

How to stop auto renewal on Airtel

Auto renewal is a feature that renews your previous subscriptions once they get exhausted. Airtel has several non-expensive plans that you could sign up for. Before you finish a subscription process, you would be asked by Airtel if you wish to make it based on auto-renewal or a one-off base. However, the feature could get very annoying when it eats out of your airtime unprecedentedly. This feature could also ruin your data plans if you aren’t quick to stop the auto renewal on airtel.

In a case where these plans are automatically renewed, you could stop it by going through with the following procedures listed below;

  • Send ‘STOP’ to 141.
  • You could also send ‘STOPAUTORENEW’ to 440.
  • To stop the Android bundles, dial *438*100#.
  • To stop Mega bundles, dial *408*100#
  • For BB plans, send ‘STOPAUTORENEW’ to 440.
  • You could also get in touch with the Airtel customer care line for assistance with the auto-renewal process. For the customer care option, the customer care line is 111.
    Send the Airtel customer care line a message via Twitter on @airtel_care.

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How to cancel auto renewal on Airtel

Auto-renewal of any data plan or subscription on an Airtel SIM could get annoying when it eats out of the airtime you plan on using for something else. That’s why you need to always choose the ‘One-Off’ option when making your data subscriptions. This way, your subscriptions do not have to get renewed after they get expired. To cancel auto-renewal on Airtel, you could opt for any of the procedures below;

  • To stop Airtel auto renewal pack, send ‘STOP’ to 141.
  • To cancel any kind of Airtel subscription, text ‘STOP’ to 141.
  • The code for the deactivation of Airtel codes is *362*2#
  • To stop WhatsApp auto renewal on Airtel, send STOP to 140. Or send ‘STOP AUTO-RENEW’ to 440.
  • To stop the current data plan on Airtel, send ‘STOPAUTORENEW’ to 440. You could also stop the process of auto-renewal by sending ‘STOP’ to 141.
  • To cancel auto-renewal for Airtel voice bundles by sending ‘STOP’ to 141.
  • You could try reaching out to Airtel’s customer care too though.

Once you follow through with any of the options above, you should be able to successfully cancel any auto-renewal subscription program you made at any time on your Airtel SIM. In case you have any problems, you should just contact Airtel’s customer care line via their line or twitter handle. The needed details for the contact were already listed above.

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