How to Reverse Airtime Purchase from UBA Bank (2023)

Making a mistake while trying to recharge an airtime, is not something that is uncommon ,we’ve all been in that situation, which is why I’m writing this post to show you how you can reverse your airtime purchase from UBA bank. If you’ve ever mistakenly purchased airtime from your UBA bank account and wondering how you can reverse the transaction? then don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Whether you made the purchase to your phone number or to another person’s phone number, this post is here to address that.

Like I just said, mistakes happen. Accidentally buying airtime you didn’t intend to buy is one of them. It’s nothing new, which is why I recommend counting the zeros of the airtime amount you want to buy with toothpick to make sure it’s correct lol and cross checking the number you want to recharge before confirming the payment. Without much further ado, let’s look at what to do when you find yourself in this situation.


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How to reverse airtime purchase from UBA bank

  1. Contact UBA customer care representative to inform them about your mistake in the airtime purchase.
  2. Explain the situation to them and provide them with the necessary details regarding the airtime transaction.

Details such as;

  • Your UBA account number
  • Date of the transaction
  • The phone number used for the purchase
  • The amount deducted
  • Reference number of the transaction
  1. Wait for the UBA customer care representative to check their records and verify the airtime transaction. They might ask you more questions to ensure the accuracy of the details you gave them.
  2. After the UBA customer care representative has confirmed the airtime transaction, they are going to begin the reversal process.
  3. They will tell you how long the reversal will take. Wait patiently till the reversal process is complete.
  4. Once the reversal process is completed, UBA Bank will notify you via message or email of the successful reversal, with details of the reversed transaction.
  5. Double check your account balance to ensure that the reversal has been accurately reflected and your money restored back to your UBA bank account.

Note: Remember you cannot reverse an airtime that has been used. Once the airtime has been used, it cannot be reversed. That is why it’s very important for you to reverse the airtime purchase immediately you notice the mistake in the transaction.


Mistakes are inevitable, however you can take precautions to avoid it from repeating itself. Double check the airtime amount and phone number before confirming the purchase.

If possible, use toothpick to count the airtime zeros. Be sure that both the airtime amount and the recipient phone number is correct before pressing the OK/Send button. Unless, ofcourse you have money to waste on airtime in this jagaban regime.


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