GTB Transfer Reversal Code (2023): How to Reverse a Transfer

It’s nothing new and definitely not uncommon to encounter issues with transfers. If you’ve mistakenly made a transfer with your gtb account and in dire need of how you can reverse the transaction with gtb transfer reversal code, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to show you the steps you can take if you find yourself in a situation where your gtbank transfer needs to be reversed.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) offers a convenient and secure platform for their customers to transfer money to other accounts within the bank or to accounts in other banks. There are different ways of making these transfers. You can transfer through their internet banking, mobile banking app, and ATMs.

In the process of making this transfer, you can accidentally enter the wrong account number or wrong amount or in some cases, transfer multiple times as a result of unstable network at the time of making the transfer. You can also receive a debit even after your transaction failed to go through.

In these types of situations, it becomes very necessary to request for a reversal of the transfer and we’re going to outline the steps you can take to reverse your gtb transfer, it’s easy and straightforward. Let’s head right to it.

GTB transfer reversal code

There’s no gtb transfer reversal code per say, but there are specific procedures provided by the bank you can take to initiate the reversal process of your transaction. It’s very important to act swiftly as soon as you become aware of the mistake in your transaction.

The following steps below, outlines the process for initiating a GTB transfer reversal.


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How to reverse transaction on GTBank

  1. Contact GTBank customer support

Call or reach out to GTBank’s customer support helpline as soon as you notice this mistake. Make sure you provide them with the necessary details regarding the transaction and explain the reason you want it to be reversed.

Details like date and time of the transfer, the recipient’s account number and the transfer amount might be needed. Ensure the details you provide are accurate.

  1. Wait for the reversal to complete

Once you’ve reached out to gtb customer support and made your reversal request, the bank will have to review the information you gave to them and verify that such transaction took place.

Once they do, they will start the reversal process of the transaction, all you have to do is to be patient and wait till the reversal is completed. You will be notified of the outcome and if any further action required.

  1. Confirm the reversal

Once the reversal process is completed, you will receive a notification from gtbank either via text message or email. They will inform you of the successful reversal of that your transaction. What you’ll do at this point is to check your account balance to ensure your funds has been restored back to your account.


Whether it’s an incorrect recipient, incorrect amount, duplicate transactions, or unauthorized activity, you can always get your money back by following these gtbank transfer reversal processes outlined in this post.


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