How to Retrieve BVN Without Phone Number and Online in 2023

How to retrieve BVN without phone number

How to retrieve BVN without phone number

The term, ‘BVN’ stands for Bank Verification Number. These days, the number comes out to be very important when filling all sorts of banking documents. Now, in a scenario where you forget the digits of your BVN, what can you do? Here, we will be looking at how to retrieve your BVN without your phone number. Also, to answer the question, we would be considering a handful of solutions;

Go through the pathway of internet banking

These days, every single thing you need to do can be done online! Your BVN number is a special number that is tied to your account number, and can be used to trace your financial activities. That’s why you’d easily be able to retrieve the digits from the mobile application of your bank. You don’t even need a phone number before you are done with the whole process!

However, for most banks, the mobile application will not be linked to your bank account unless you download it on your mobile device. For Android users, you could get the app of your bank from Play Store. Apple users can get theirs from Apple Store. After downloading the application, you would need to sign up. Sign up requires you filling certain details like the digits on your card, your PIN, username, password, and so on.

However, if you aren’t a new user, you could just log in directly with your details. Some mobile devices with the ‘Fingerprint’ feature could even allow you to unlock your application. However, before that feature becomes permissible on your bank app, you’d have to activate it. So, either way, you’re secure.

Usually, your BVN would be pasted right to the upper part of the application’s menu. This arrangement could differ from bank to bank. So, this method is by far the easiest and cheapest, as it only requires mobile data. It’d get better if you have access to a reliable and stable source of Wi-Fi.

The only issue that exists with this particular method is that without data or a good network connection, you may not be able to view your BVN details. You also would need to have your account registered on the mobile application of your device for you get retrieve your BVN number easily.

You could visit the bank

In a situation where the method described above is not feasible enough, you could easily walk into the branch of your bank that is closest to you.

One thing you shouldn’t do is call the customer care of your bank for details as regards your BVN! Earlier in this outline, we already stated how much importance your BVN has! You could use it to authorize a transfer or withdrawal, and that means that it should be handled carefully and safely! So, no bank representative would just hand the details of your BVN virtually. You would need to physically walk into a branch of your bank.

While going through this step, a few banks may require that you verify your account with a couple documents. After that, they can then proceed to give you the details of your BVN.

Either way, all you just need to do is head over to any of the staff in the customer service section. Request for a retrieval of your BVN details, and usually, it would be issued to you.

The two ways listed above describe how you can easily retrieve your BVN without using your phone number. The other ones require that you have a phone number that is linked to your account.

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How to retrieve BVN online

How can you retrieve your BVN online? First, do you have a mobile phone? If yes, follow the procedures below;
With the phone number that is linked to your bank account, dial the USSD code—*565#, Type in ‘0’ in response to whatever prompts appear across your screen. Or you could just simply dial *565*0#.

The method described above on how to retrieve BVN online usually will involve your credit account been deducted by a service fee of twenty naira. The credit account being referred to here is that of the mobile networks like Glo, Mtn, etc.

You could also work with the mobile application of your bank. Once you already have an account, log in, and then, you’d see the details at the upper border of the page. If you do not have an account yet, sign up, and voila!

Lastly, you could also work with the BVN validation portal. This method requires that you already know your BVN number. So, on the portal, you’d just type in your BVN details, and your Date of Birth. Once you click the ‘Search’ icon, a certain fee would be deducted from your debit card.

Usually, this method works to show you other details asides the digits of your BVN. These details include the following;

– Your name
– Your Date of Birth
– Your Date of Registration (for the BVN)
– Your residential address at the time that you registered for BVN.

Also, you could use the method above when you need to connect your BVN to another bank or account.

How can I check my BVN with another number?

The question of how you can check your BVN with another number usually arises only when you lose the SIM that is linked to your bank account. In this kind of scenario you would have to physically head towards any of the closest branches of your bank. The details of your BVN aren’t something that any other number apart from the registered one should have access to.

On how you can check your BVN with another number, you’d need two things at the bank;

– Your account number
– A means of identification; usually, your ID card.

So, no, you cannot check your BVN with another number. The only thing you can do is to go through the method outlined above, and then, request that the linked phone number be changed. It is only when that change occurs that you would be able to access your BVN with another number.

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