How to Change Name & Date Of Birth on Voters ID Card in Nigeria

how to change name and date of birth on voters ID card in nigeria

Correction of Name and Date of Birth in Voter ID Card

The Voter ID card is one of the most important documents that any Nigerian that is of age should possess. Usually, when registering to get the cards done, you would be required to fill in details regarding your name, telephone address, and date of birth. Most of the corrections made on the Voter ID card are those related to the names and dates of births of the voters.

When errors are made as those fields are entered, how can they be corrected? Usually, the errors might only be noticed after the print-out is ready. So, one might have to go through the process of reviewing and re-editing.

Here, on the topic of how to change name and date of birth in a voter’s ID card in nigeria, we will look at the followings steps.

First, you will start by reviewing the record you have as a voter on the INEC’s registration portal. It is after that that you can add or edit any detail you find there.

If you did not have an NIN number at the time that you registered, you can fill in the details on the site if that has changed, i.e., if you now have it.

Once you are done filling in the details as regards your NIN, you will be asked to permit your device to share data with the NIMC. Click the ‘Accept’ icon to continue.

Once you accept, click the ‘Save and continue’ icon so that you can view the next page.

Next, you will need to upload two passport photographs with a clear outline of your face. The first photograph should have you wearing a straight look, while the other should have you smiling. When you are done with that, click the ‘Save and continue’ icon.

Once you successfully complete the upload, you would be directed to a new page where you’d be able to download the PDF form of your file.

Ensure that all details that had errors were corrected in the process of the steps described ahead.

How to change name on voter’s card in Nigeria

To change name on Voter’s card in Nigeria, all you need to do is head over to INEC’s registration portal and then, review whatever was there before. When you get to the page, you will be able to edit, i.e., add or remove anything that was formerly inputted.

To change your name on your voter’s card in Nigeria, all you need to do is edit! Delete or clear out whatever was typed in formerly, and then, type out what should be the right details. Ensure that you are careful this time, as each submission would have to be approved by INEC. The best order to type your name should be in this format—Surname, First name, and Middle name.

How to change date of birth on voter’s card in Nigeria

To change your date of birth on Voter’s card in Nigeria, all you need to do is head over to the registration portal for INEC, and then, review whatever information was contained on it before. Under the several details requested of you, you would see one section that requires you to fill in your date of birth.

Once that is done, you can then review other details that were inputted into the same form in case any mistake was made with those ones too. Once you are done, you can then click the ‘Submit’ icon. If the whole change is approved by INEC, you would be able to print out a suitable PDF format of your Voter’s ID card.

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