How to Make Tiger Nut Drink with Dates and Coconut for Libido

How to make tiger nut drink with dates and coconut

how to make tiger nut drink with dates and coconut

Today we are going to learn how to make tiger nut drink with dates and coconut. It’s a very healthy and nutritious drink.  It’s a perfect aphrodisiac for people with low sex drive, it’ll help boost your libido and make you last longer in bed. This drink is 100% natural, no side effects.

Ingredients for making tiger nut dates and coconut drink

  • Tiger nut
  • Coconut
  • Dates

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How to make tiger nut dates and coconut drink

1. Rinse the tiger nut, if it’s the dry one soak it in water for 48 hours put it inside a refrigerator while soaking so that it won’t smell.

Note: if it’s the hydrated tiger nut there no need to soak, soak only the dry tiger nut.

2. After soaking for  48 hours, bring it out from the refrigerator, rinse it and break your coconut, peel it and cut it into small pieces that will allow your blender to blend it.

3. Now rinse and cut your dates into halves and carefully bring out the seeds inside it. When you’re done cut the dates into pieces.

4. Pour the tiger nut , coconut and dates in a blender  for blending also add a small quantity of water into your blender to all the blades of your blender to move while blending the things you added, now blend.

5. After blending pour the contents into a sieve and sieve out the milk in it first, after which pour the chaff back into the blender and add a little water to get out more milk from the chaff and blend.

6.  Sieve out the milk for the second time into a bowl.

7. Now for the last sieving you can use ladies’ stocking, chiffon cloth or cheese cloth to separate the milk from the chaff. if you’re using any of the materials as sieve wrap it on a clean cup or bowl, scoop the milk from the bowl and pass it through the ladies’ stocking or chiffon cloth into the cup.

That’s it! Enjoy it with your partner, if it does not affect your libido in anyway add Irish cream to it and it will surely work.

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How to Make Tigernut Drink

  • Purchase tiger nut from the market, you can get the dried one or fresh one. Make sure to remove the dirt in the tiger nut and sieve out the bad ones.
  • After sieving the bad ones out, wash the tiger nut thoroughly to remove the dust and to keep it clean.

Note: if it’s the fresh tiger nut you can go ahead and blend it but if it’s the dried one you have to soak it for 24 hours before blending it in order to soften it, don’t forget to change the water 2 or 3 times to avoid smelling.

  • Blend the tiger nut with any citrus fruit; you can use either lemon or orange. Cut the citrus fruit into halves and squeeze it into the tiger nut.
  • Next is to add ginger. Ginger is a healthy herb that helps to promote healing after child birth and also helps to stimulate the production of breast milk for breast feeding mothers. It also helps to increase sexual pleasure in both men and women.
  • Peel, rinse and add the ginger to the tiger nut, add a little water and blend them together.
  • After blending it your tiger nut should be in a milk form, use a sieve and sieve out the milk. You can sieve it 2 times to get more milk from the tiger nut.

Now your tiger nut drink is ready, you can store in refrigerator and serve it cold.

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If you’re a breast feeding mother or you want to increase your sexual performance or pleasure tiger nut drink is just the perfect drink for you, it will help stimulate and produce more milk from your breast which will make your baby stronger and it also contains some amino acids which acts as Viagra that will increase your sexual urge and performance.

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