Why is Kiss very important in a Relationship

How important kiss in a relationship

why is kiss important in a relationship

Today we will be talking about the joy of kissing. You might be wondering Why is Kiss very important in a Relationship. Kissing is actually very important, it’s very intimate and it’s one of the most powerful things you could do to create the kind of neurochemistry that you had in the beginning of your relationship.

Most couples started out kissing a lot, I also found quite a few couples that their kissing have really gone down in frequency, there are some couples that haven’t kissed in months even in years while there are couples who have sexual intercourse but they don’t kiss.

Research shows that there is tremendous amount of connection between the brain and the lips, the research has shown that kisses cause positive emotional and neurochemical effects.  Some of the neurochemical effects are increase in oxytocin especially in women and dopamine and norepinephrine.

Dopamine and norepinephrine  are neurochemials that make us feel alive and vital and oxytocin is a neurochemical that makes us feel warm, safe and more open to connection, it is usually created between a mother and her baby but it’s also created between  partners and kissing is one of the things that increases oxytocin levels.

Is kiss really important in a relationship

is kiss really important in a relationship why kiss is most important in relationship

Kissing is very intimate and I think it’s wonderful when couples kiss for the sake of kissing and not promoting it into more sexual activity. I mean they could I’m not against it, it’s fine but kissing in itself is very intimate, you know when you kiss someone passionately how you feel close. It creates a positive intensity in the beginning of a relationship but as most relationships go on they lose that positive intensity and they lose it not because the relationship is faulty but because neurochemicals; dopamine, norepinephrine and oxytocin naturally goes down as time goes on because of the challenges in the relationship as well as adjusting to each other, so we need to act and do things in order to raise it.

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Passionate kissing is very intimate, it creates intensity between two people so here is my advice

  • Kiss longer
  • Kiss more

And if you have no problem with that great! Do it but if you are the type that resists for whatever reason, I want you to get curious on why you don’t kiss! What is stopping you, are you not allowing yourself to enjoy it more or are you afraid of getting intimate or are you the “let’s just have sex without getting intimate” type of person.

You know we talk about foreplay a lot, kissing is a big part of foreplay and when it comes to kissing there are different ways you can use your tongue both in lip to lip kissing as well as in other areas of your partners body.

Ways to kiss intimately and passionately

is kiss really important in a relationship why is a kiss so important in a relationship

It can be very exciting when you explore your partner with your tongue, you can twirl your tongue around hers or his even if your kissing or licking every part of your partners body just know that each person have different preferences that’s why is very important to communicate with our partners to find out what their preferences are, yes communication is very sexy too.

Most important is the decision to slow down together, long passionate kisses allows you and your partner to slow down together.

So I encourage you to start a new kissing habit make it consistent don’t wait to be in the mood, don’t wait to have any negative feeling towards your partner, as a matter of fact kissing can cure a lot of ills, if you’re frustrated, if you’re angry with each other don’t wait just kiss. I’m not saying you should not communicate your negative feelings but sometimes you just need to override it, I recommend kissing. Enjoy it.

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