What Business Can I Start With 50k in Nigeria 2023? – Top 5

Business you can start with 50k in Nigeria

Today we’ll be talking about top 5 business you can start with 50k in Nigeria or even less it must not be 50k before you can start that business.

This article is going to be a quick one straight to the point

Below are business to start with 50k in Nigeria

1. Shirt business

50k in nigeria

You know your normal shirt worn by real guys, bankers, office workers etc. This particular business is super easy to do less stress trust me, you don’t need to be a tailor or seamstress you don’t need to go out there and start selecting shirt. All you need is to get into the market let’s say ariaria market in aba ask questions where you can get shirt materials, trust me you’ll be amazed by what you will see, nice shirt materials yea, select nice ones, don’t go and select colour riot as you are buying you will see people asking you whether you want to sow shirt( guy you wan sow shirt, nwanne ichoro ikwa akwa) that kind of stuff.

At an affordable price they will sow for you, different sizes and even add any customized label you want on it. Trust me you can start this business with 50k in Nigeria or even 30k depending on the capital available to you at that time. In case you want to start this business just be sure that the market is there for you. it’s just for you to be smart, use your social media platform very well. Stop using your facebook to chase girls lol. Use these platforms to sell your market, the data you have being wasting since convert it to money.

2. Mobile phone accessories


Everybody uses ear piece, ear pods, chargers, phone packs, screen guard etc. You will notice that there is an increase in the demand of these commodities every day. So this business is something that runs every day it’s related to foodstuff you must sell each day. With 50k in Nigeria you can start this phone accessories business even with 10k you can start with earpiece business, yes you heard me.

Just visit Ali express and order them directly from china at a very cheap rate trust me. Some of this ear piece we buy doesn’t even exceed 200naira and you can resell them here as much as 500,600 or 700naira and those ones you bought at a cost of 1000naira you can resell at a cost of 2000naira or 2500. So with 10k you can start as the business starts booming you can invest back your profit into the business with an increased capital and increase the accessories you’re selling. Don’t forget to also use your social media, you can sell and deliver to your friends, you can never tell you could be the next jumia.

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3. Zobo business

50k in nigeria zobo

This one is another lucrative business, you can start this one with as low as 5k. You can even sell at the front of your house but with proper packaging and also sample it on your status, people can make large orders from you especially when  your own is very sweet. Making zobo is very simple, you and your friend can do it and sell and you will make enough sales. if you chill your zobo especially in this hot weather people need chilled drinks and zobo has its own health benefits too.

4. Fairly used cloths

50k in nigeria okirika

Okirika or OK as we all know is a super lucrative business also that you can start with less than 50k in Nigeria. One of my aunties started this business with 5k and now she is at the point of opening her own boutique. Trust me guys this is not a joke, this business is really lucrative especially when you are selling female okirika. You can start by maybe going to Cotonou to purchase the cloths, if you can’t go to Cotonou because of transport or anything you can meet people that bought from Cotonou and select the good ones and resell in your area or any place you feel you can sell.

5. Foodstuff business

50k in nigeria foodstuff

I particularly love this business because every day you must sell. Especially if you are in a location that it’s not easy to get to the market place and trust me most of us live in an area where it is difficult to get to the market and if you are the market for the people, my brother my sister the money is your own. You can start with a basin of garri or a basin of rice, just start from somewhere and if you’re lucky to have a farm that produces these foodstuffs, then know that you won’t be needing any capital at all.

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You mustn’t start big, you mustn’t have 50k before you can start you can start as small as possible as you can and then gradually invest back your profit into the business.  It doesn’t matter if you are a student, doesn’t matter if you are a family person or you are working. You can actually do these businesses on the side too and trust me it won’t eat your usual time.