Get over a girl you like: 5 ways to get over her quickly

How get over a girl you like quickly

You might have a girl you like or you love but the relationship is over or maybe it never even started but if you keep hanging on to her you’re going to drag every other part of your life down and this will make feel like crap!

I know it’s hard to let this girl you like go, I’m right there with you, I know how it feels. So  let’s tackle it it together right and talk about 5 ways to get over a girl you like and let her go.

1. Spend time with friends

how to get over a girl crush

Now in this kind of situation having an awesome group of friends is key, because they will help you talk about the situation and release some of your sad feelings. You can go on activities with them, this will help get your mind of the girl.

2. Stop talking her

how to get over a girl you like

You can’t get over a girl if you keep talking to her on a regular basis, she’s constantly going to be on your mind and you’re never going to be able to accept the fact that it’s over.  So if you want to get over her you’re going to stop talking to her, stop texting her and stop looking at her social media, as a matter of fact you should just block her on social media for now until you’re fully recovered because you wouldn’t want to see her posting a picture of her and another guy in the club, trust me I’ve been there and it hurts. My point is cut her out of your life completely until she’s not there as a reminder.

3. Don’t beat yourself up

how to get over a girl you see everyday

Nothing lasts forever, it’s going to end at some point. Maybe you did something wrong maybe you’ve had some regrets but beating yourself up over it is not going to help, instead acknowledge your mistakes and work on improving them. You might need to improve your listening skills or drop some annoying habits or maybe you need to be careful in selecting girls so you waste your time in the relationships that won’t work in the future.

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4. Allow yourself to feel the emotions

get over a girlfriend

There are going to be some uncomfortable emotions when you’re trying to get over a girl you like, emotions like sadness, grief, anxiety, anger. Don’t resist this emotions give yourself time to feel them all, take a walk, allow yourself to cry do whatever you feel like you need to do. Feeling and embracing those emotions is part of life bro, we are going to pass through that at one point or another.

5. Refocus on your purpose

how to get over a girl you work with

This is probably the most important thing in getting over a girl you like. When you get wrapped up in a girl you easily forget why you’re here, your purpose and things you’re trying to achieve. It’s time to refocus on your purpose when you’re focused on your purpose then you won’t worry about women because they’re not your end goal. When you’re focused on your business and important things in your life you won’t have time to be sad or be worried because you saw your ex girlfriend hooking up with some random guy. So sit map out your goals and be ready to work on your next big project.



Alright guys these are the 5 things you can do to get over a girl you like quickly  It’s not easy man I’ve being there I know but taking these 5 steps is going to turn life around and get you moving forward.