How to Make Money As a Secondary School Student in Nigeria

make money as a Nigerian student

How to make money as a Nigerian student

Every Nigerian student would want to know how to make money as a Nigerian student. Because it’s not easy to manage whatever you get from your parents and then trying to budget to make it to the end of the month. And most of the time you are either tight on cash or broke.

So today we are going to be talking about how you can earn little money to augment whatever pocket money you’re getting from your parents or sponsors or whoever is sponsoring your education.

Jobs you can do to earn money as a Nigerian student

1. Ushering jobs

This is something you can actually do to make money as a Nigerian student. There are so many ushering agencies that are available now, you can gather your friends and register but make sure it is organized. The amount you are paid depend on the kind of jobs you are doing.

It’s a great form of networking because you will meet so many people. Even after you’re done with your school. You might still encounter those people someday and they might be of great help to you.

2. Teaching

Teaching is another job you can do as a Nigerian student to make money. I would advise you to go for primary schools because as an undergraduate you probably won’t be able to teach senior secondary. So it’s more advisable to teach junior secondary or primary school students. You can fix your teaching time so that it won’t clash with your own lectures in school.

Discuss it with the principal or whoever is in charge of the school. They will fix your classes maybe late in the morning or in the afternoon depending on how your lectures run.  Teaching primary and junior secondary school students is something you can actually do and you will be paid for it.

3. Volunteering

if you’re a Nigerian student and grew up in Nigeria by now you would know applying for a job after school requires experience. Most good jobs that are up for grabs requires experience. For you to set yourself apart from the millions of people that seek for jobs every year you should have gathered a certain amount of experience.

Volunteering is something you can actually do.Most times you are not paid for volunteering but the experience you get from doing is something that cannot be measured with money.

So if you have an opportunity to take up something that you really want to do despite the fact you’ll be paid very little or won’t be paid at all, grab that opportunity the end is going to pay you well.

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Get as much experiences as you can, offer yourself in organization that you see yourself working in years from now. After you’re done with school, offer your services for free when you get into the system you can maneuver your way from there, even though this does not pay well in the long run it is profitable.

4. Organizing tutorials

This applies to both people that are in the university or polytechnics or in secondary school. When I got into school as a fresher (first year), there were some courses that were difficult to grasp especially for people who were science inclined.

There were courses that had very high failure rate. People that were in 300 or 400 level took up tutorials for freshers but it was a way to earn money for them.

So by organizing tutorials you can actually make money as a Nigerian student. If there is a course you are really good at or a particular subject you are excellent at you can pick up teaching and people will pay you for teaching them.

You can also take up private classes. There were some parents that wanted private tutors for their kids so you can also do that and get paid.

How to make money online as a Nigerian student

5. Online services

There is so many things you can do online. There is Youtube, there is Blog, there are people that are writing for other people. You can start up your own blog if that is what you want to do.

There are so many opportunities on the internet now that you can use to your advantage. Don’t just sit around wait for something to fall on your lap.

Go searching, look around you there are so many gaps that need to be filled. If it’s something that you can do then you can pick it up and start earning money from it.


Whatever hobby you want to build to a business it is better to start while you’re still in school. Where you have your peers or friends that might help you. No matter how small it is start in school, make yourself organized and build your trade.

BUT don’t let it distract you from school because certificate is also important and a fall back plan. So if you come out with a very good grade and you have your business by your side it’s a win win for you.

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