How to Generate Zenith Bank Token Using USSD in 2023

how to generate zenith bank token using ussd

What does zenith bank token mean

The Zenith bank token is a 6-digit figure that is used as a password for the authentication of a certain transaction. Once you use the password once, you cannot use it again. The token can be obtained from the Zenith e-Token App. However, recently, news of how to generate Zenith bank token using USSD has been going round.

How to generate Zenith bank token using USSD

Is it possible to generate Zenith bank token using USSD? No, you can’t. The only time you’d need a token is when you are making an online transaction. Examples of such transactions include payment for light bills and other transactions.

Since anyone could be using your details to pay, the bank sends a code known as a token to the contact addresses that you used to register your account. The token is usually sent as a message to your phone number or via your email.

Note that this password works with time, and that is for the security of your transaction. So, ensure that you use the token in time. If you perhaps prefer using the app, you can follow the steps below;

  • Launch the Zenith bank e-token app
  • Enter your PIN
  • Tap the Generate OTP Token Code
  • You can then use the code that you generate to finish the transaction.

If you cannot generate a token using the procedures above, it’s most likely you haven’t activated your Zenith Bank e-token app. Here the ways you can go about the activation.


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How to activate zenith bank token

  • Android device users can download the bank app via PlayStore. Apple device users can download the bank app via Apple Store.
  • When registering, you can either register as an individual or as a Corporate.
  • Next, choose the method you want to use for the activation of the app. The options available include Hardware Token, Debit card, or Quick Access code.
  • Enter all the details required of you. The answer usually takes on this form—PIN and Token, the last six digits of your debit card, or your activation code.

To go through with the steps described above, all you need to have are these;

  1. A Zenith Bank e-Token app
  2. A hardware token, a Debit card, or Quick Access code
  3. N1,500 in your Zenith bank account. This is the fee that you will be charged on activating your Zenith Bank account.

Note that the steps above work regardless of the carrier network (MTN, GLO, etc.) that you are using. All you simply have to ensure is that you have a steady connection to the Internet.

What you should know about Zenith bank Token

  1. Every customer of the Zenith bank has his or her own token.
  2. The token is associated with your Internet Banking Code, Name, and Password.
  3. The token enforces security around your mobile transactions
  4. Your token should not be transferred to anyone. It’s for you only.
  5. On activating your token for a transaction, you have to use it to authenticate that transaction.
  6. If your token ends up being known by a third party, the bank will not be responsible for any loss, claim, liability or damages.
  7. You can get your token deactivated in case its integrity is at stake. You’d also have a new token sent to you so that you can go through with your transaction.


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