How to Check My Airtel Number Through SMS in 2023

How to check my Airtel number through SMS

It is a common issue that most people do not know their phone number without having to check it somewhere. This is a popular case with people that just bought new SIM cards. If you are one of those that falls into this category, there is nothing to be ashamed about, I too have also experienced the same thing.

The thing with new SIM cards is obviously a new set of 11-digits that makes up your phone number. Apart from the SIM where it is written on, you won’t be seeing it anywhere else after you get the SIM.

Now, imagine you go out and someone asks you for your phone number. Exactly, I thought as much. Many people go for months without knowing their Airtel number until the fateful day when someone asks them for it.

How then will you be able to give the person your Airtel phone number if you do not have it. Many people tend to memorize their phone number for this purpose.

But while it’s not many, at the same time it is also not easy to memorize especially if you are not seeing it. Which is why you need to check and write it down somewhere.

The quickest way to check your Airtel number is to call or give a flash call to your other line in your other phone or family and friend that is nearby. Check the missed call on the phone, you should see your Airtel number.

Well, to do this you need two phones and another line other than your Airtel line. Since that is not possible, you are here for another solution.

Well you have come to the right place and I’m going to show you how to quickly check your Airtel number through SMS, and other ways to do that also.


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How to check my Airtel number through SMS

Unfortunately, there is no SMS code to check your Airtel number, but you can get a quick pop up SMS of your Airtel number if you do the following;

Via Dialer

Open the dialer on your phone and dial *282# code on your Mobile phone. You will get a USSD pop up immediately on your screen showing your Airtel number.

You can also check your Airtel number with the 121 USSD code as well. To do so;

  • On your phone, dial the code *121# in your dialer and click on send.
  • On the USSD menu that pops up, type the corresponding number next to the option that says Manage my Account. This should be the number 2.
  • The next menu shows options for data balance, Balance, Data Plan and other options. Type in and the digit corresponding to the “My Number” option. This is usually the fourth option, so send 4.
  • Your Airtel phone number will be displayed as a USSD pop up on the screen of your mobile device.

Via Call

Another way you can check your Airtel number is to Call the Airtel customer service for free. Call Airtel customer service number on 111 follow the command prompt to be transferred to a call center agent.

Via My Airtel app

If you have the My Airtel app installed on your phone, you can also check your Airtel number with it.

  • Open the My Airtel app on your phone.
  • You should be logged in already, so access the account icon in the app.
  • From the account menu, click on view and add account.
  • The details of your account including your mobile number should be visible.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have been able to check your Airtel number successfully, instead of repeating the process every time you need to check your number, there are some simple things you can do instead.

You can save your Airtel number for easy access and convenience whenever you need it. A popular way of doing this is to save your Airtel number as a contact on your phone.

The best choice name will be to save it as “My Airtel number” so you can easily remember and search for it.

You can also write it down in a book for easy access. This was very popular back in the days when phone books was a trend. Phone numbers where usually written in a pocket sized dairy.

However it is not convenient carrying a book about all the time, and the introduction of phone book apps on mobile phones are pushed out of trend.

Your note app is also a good place to write down your Airtel number. It’s mobile convenient and you can access it quickly and easily.

Think about carrying your pocket sized note with you, but instead of in your pockets it’s in your phone. Easy I’d say.

The choice is all yours, which ever way works best for you will be the best option for you.


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