How To Check & Know My Tariff Plan On MTN With Code 2023

How to know my mtn tariff plan

how to check my tariff plan on mtn

Knowing how to check your tariff plan on your mtn line is one of the important things you should know as an mtn user because your good and bad experiences from the network most times depends on your tariff plan. I believe every user has needs and expectations from every telecommunication network they are using and you won’t be able to meet and satisfy those needs if you don’t know about the tariff plan on your network.

That is why is really imperative to know about the various tariff plans and how to check your tariff plans on mtn, this will help you select the appropriate tariff plan that will meet and satisfy your needs.

So in this post you’re going to know how to check your tariff plan on mtn and some of the available mtn tariff plan that might appeal to you.

How to check my mtn tariff plan

The code to check your tariff plan on mtn is *123# > Select 1 ( Account Info) > Select 2 ( My Tariff Plan) and your current tariff plan will displayed to you instantly. You will also receive a message immediately showing you details of your current mtn tariff plan.

If you’re not familiar with mtn tariff plans and the one that will meet your needs whether on calls and data then keep reading as we highlight mtn tariff plans and their benefits.

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Mtn tariff plans and migration codes

The below mtn tariff plans are available to all mtn users, you can opt in and out of them any time you wish, their migration codes comes after the mtn tariff plans below.

MTN TruTalk

Mtn trutalk is a prepaid tariff plan that allows you to enjoy 11.26kobo/sec to all local calls across any network with a daily access fee of ₦7.17. Free 10MB data bonus on your first recharge of every month and access to all mtn products and services.

MTN BetaTalk

Are you a regular caller? Do you spend long hours making calls on your mtn line? Then mtn betatalk is the tariff plan for you. With mtn betatalk you get 250% bonus anytime you recharge and free 10mb data bonus on your first recharge of every month. You also get access to special data bundles at a cheaper rate.

MTN Pulse

Mtn pulse is one of the best tariff plans that offers amazing calls and data benefits plus other life-enriching products and services. With mtn pulse you enjoy a flat rate of 11.26k/sec to calls across all local networks after the first 60 seconds call of the day at 25.6k/sec. You also get to enjoy special data plans offered only by the mtn pulse with the *406# code, including special Instagram & TikTok bundles.

With mtn pulse you also get to enjoy up to 2GB of data every night from 11pm – 6am. This is called the mtn pulse night browsing which of course is offered only by the mtn pulse tariff. Not to forget you also get free 10MB monthly data bonus on the first recharge of the month and pulse points that you use to get free data and other data benefits as well.

MTN mPulse

Mtn mPulse is different from mtn Pulse mentioned above. The mtn mPulse is also an mtn tariff plan with lots of amazing and exciting benefits. For mtn mPulse, you get to enjoy data bonus on your recharge, free 10mb data bonus on your first recharge of every month including whatsapp data bonus. You also get airtime reward on your birthday and special data bundles for mPulse website including extra 30mb  on your first access to mPulse website. 15.36k/sec will be charged for all calls across every network

MTN XtraValue

Mtn xtravalue as the name implies is a tariff plan that rewards you with xtra value on sms, calls and data bundles. Mtn Xtravalue comprises Xtratalk and Xtrabundle, which gives you extra airtime and data respectively. You also get to enjoy extra airtime for International calls to some selected countries.

MTN XtraSpecial

Enjoy a flat rate of 15.36k/sec to all networks in Nigeria and to twelve (12) international countries when you migrate to mtn xtraspecial. You also get to enjoy special data plans that offer more value at a low price. Free 10mb data bonus will also be given to you on your first recharge of every month.

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Mtn tariff plan code

The code to migrate to any of the above mtn tariff plan is *123# > Select 2 (Tariff Plan Migration) > A list of mtn tariff plan that available will be displayed to you, Select the one you want and press send.

Note: Migration to any of the mtn tariff plan is free only if your current mtn tariff plan is up to a month, however if your current mtn tariff plan is not up to a month since you migrated to it then migrating to a new one will cost you around N100.


Those are the mtn tariff plan and how to check and know your tariff plan on mtn. To enjoy and get the best services and experiences on mtn, you need to be familiar with the available mtn tariff plans and opt in to the one that meets and satisfy your needs. I hope this post was really helpful to you, if it was, do well to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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