How to Check My Zenith Bank BVN Online & With Zenith App

how to check my bvn online zenith bank and with zenith app

Have you been asked to provide your BVN while trying to complete a transaction in Zenith bank, but you can’t find or remember where you wrote it down? Here is how you can check your Zenith bank BVN online.

The Bank Verification Number, popularly known as BVN for short, was introduced to check identity theft and fraudulent transactions in the banking system.

To this end, it has become a compulsory requirement when handling transactions involving banking systems. If you need to set up an account, your BVN will be required. Without it, the account cannot be used.

This 11-digit number serves as your identity across multiple bank accounts. It links multiple accounts owned by the same person together.

So if you were to create an account with another bank, you would be required to provide your BVN to link the new account to you.

The easiest and most convenient way to check your BVN is to dial the unique USSD code for BVN. Just by dialing *565*0# on your phone, you can get your BVN sent to you as a text message for just a fee just above N20.

However, one issue persists regardless. You have to dial the USSD code with the phone number registered to your BVN to get your BVN this way.


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How to check my BVN online zenith bank

Checking your BVN online is very useful if you do not have access to the SIM card linked to your BVN. Maybe it was stolen, or you misplaced it.

To Check your Zenith bank BVN Online

  • Open the NIBSS BVN Online Portal.
  • Log in with the required details and password.
  • Once you are logged in, you will be able to access and view your BVN.

This method is mostly difficult because for most people, their banks handle registration and validation of their BVN. Hence you might not know the login details to your account.

In the case you are not able to log in on the NIBSS online portal, contacting the Zenith bank online customer care service is another way you can get your BVN online.

You can chat with a customer care representative via the Zenith bank app or website and also via the Zenith bank official social media accounts.

How to check BVN on zenith bank app

The Zenith bank mobile app can help you get a lot of things done quickly and easily. You can transfer, recharge, and also check your account details which include the BVN without having to pay the SMS charge deducted when checking the BVN with the USSD code.

To check your BVN on Zenith bank mobile app, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the Zenith bank mobile on your mobile device. If you do not have it installed, proceed to download and install it from your app store.
  • Login with your login details – usually your account number and your password. If you do not have an account on the app, click on sign in instead and follow the instructions given. You should be logged into your account in no time.
  • On the home screen of the app, click on BVN on the dashboard to reveal your BVN. Depending on app updates, you might not see it this way. In that case, look for the account option on the menu.

it is advisable to write your BVN down somewhere private so you can easily provide it when required.


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