How to Change My UBA BVN Phone Number Online 2023

how to change my uba bvn phone number online

Every BVN  is linked to a phone number. This is where important codes required for verification purposes involving the BVN will be sent. The BVN phone number is the phone number you used when you were registering your BVN. For people using UBA, in this article, you’re going to see how you can change your UBA BVN phone number online.

There is one thing common with phone numbers. The SIM card can get missing or stolen together with your phone. Luckily, SIM cards can be retrieved through welcome back.

But still, this does not work all the time, as you can encounter issues that will make you unable to retrieve a lost SIM card. In this case, you have to bid farewell to that phone number.

You might also desire to change your BVN phone number because you no longer wish to use that phone number.

For instance, you might not like the services of the network providers, or phone service reception is always poor in your area.

I have also encountered the issue of a missing SIM card after I lost my phone a long time ago. It has not been a good experience whenever BVN is required during an account setup or registration.

The OTP is always sent to the missing phone number, and without it, one cannot complete any registration.

Whatever the reason you wish to change your BVN phone number, it is very important to have a working phone number linked to your BVN.

As you read further down, I will show you how to change your UBA BVN phone number online.


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How to change my uba bvn phone number online

Unfortunately, any change in the details of a BVN number cannot exactly be done online. This is a way of preventing unauthorized access and altering of BVN details by unauthorized persons.

The internet is filled with scammers who can easily access your BVN details but there is a possible way to do that through the internet.

To change your UBA BVN phone number online, you can try contacting an online customer service representative through any of their online channels.

You can chat with them via their website, mobile app, or their official accounts on Twitter and Facebook. For this case, I would advise you to send them an email instead.

Send an email to UBA customer service stating that you want to change the phone number linked to your BVN. You can obtain the official UBA email address from the UBA website.

A reply is sure to come back to you in a short time, asking you for extra information regarding the issue. You may be asked to Scan and upload some required documents.

There are some requirements needed to change your BVN phone number at the bank. These are like proof of identity, showing you are the owner of the bank account with the BVN you wish to make changes to. So before going to the bank, ensure to have the following ready.

  • National Identification Number (NIN), Voters Card, or International Passport for identification.
  • You will also be required to provide your account name, date of birth, and BVN number.
  • Lastly, the new phone number you wish to link to your BVN.

Send all the required documents in a digital format as a reply to the email from the bank requiring you to do so. If all the documents check out, they will proceed to change your BVN and send you an update email after that.

If sending an email does not work for you, the best solution to change your BVN phone number is to go to the nearest UBA branch near you. Note that even at the bank branch, you must provide those necessary details.

So when you go along with all the requirements mentioned earlier, you won’t be able to change your BVN phone number.


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