How to Browse With Airtime on GLO 2023 – GLO Flexi Recharge

How to browse with glo airtime

how to browse with airtime on glo

What if I told you that you can actually browse with your airtime on glo without having any data on your line? Alright just stick to this post to find out how, it’s actually easier than you thought.

Have you heard of glo flexi recharge? It’s a service that allows you to use your glo airtime for both calls and data. Basically this means you can use your glo airtime to browse and access the internet whenever you run out of data.

Sounds cool right? This is really beneficial and helpful whenever you don’t have enough airtime to subscribe for a glo data plan, for that meantime you can just use your airtime to check updates online and keep in touch with family and friends on social media.

The glo flexi recharge is available to all prepaid and postpaid glo customers and is charged at N1/MB, making it the cheapest among other telecom networks in Nigeria. Browsing with airtime have being known to be a lot more costlier especially in the long run than subscribing for a data plan but the same can’t be said for the glo flexi recharge.

With as low as 1 naira you can access the internet, isn’t that amazing? Well, glo have being known over the years to be the providers of the best and most affordable data plans in the country earning them the name “Grand masters of data” so seeing them offering 1 naira per mb shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.

So without wasting any other time, let’s quickly see how you can browse with your credit on glo and enjoy extra access to the internet without data. You’ll see how easy it is.

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How to use airtime to browse on glo

To browse with airtime on glo just load your glo airtime with this flexi recharge code *123*Airtime PIN#. Doing that will enable you browse with your airtime on glo, when your data exhausts just leave your internet connection ON and continue browsing, further deductions will then come from your airtime at N1/MB.

The flexi recharge code mentioned above is the default code of loading glo recharge card, in other word you didn’t do anything special, this is to tell us that all glo sims can browse with their airtime, it is default in all glo sims, no extra code needed.

Just switch ON your internet connection and start browsing regardless of whether you have data or not but make sure you have airtime. If you have data and it exhausts while you’re browsing, the connection will automatically switch to your glo airtime and further data deductions will then come from there at N1/MB. The total usage of airtime for browsing will be displayed to you any time you switch off your internet connection.

Whenever you subscribe for a glo data plan, the internet connection switches back to your data and vice versa. Through this you can always have access to the internet and also connect with your friends whenever you run out of data, however you can also add more airtime to the one you have and then subscribe for a glo data plan that will last longer for you.

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That how to browse with your airtime or credit on glo, it is very helpful in urgent situations whenever you don’t have data, all thanks to glo for this wonderful feature they provided to make life easier for their customers. if this post was helpful to you don’t forget to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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