How to Browse With Airtime on AIRTEL 2023 – Pay as you go code

How to browse with airtel airtime

how to browse with airtime on airtel

If you are looking for how to browse with airtime on your airtel line, look no further because your solution is here. In this you’re going to see how you can browse with your airtel credit or airtime and have access to the internet without having any data on your phone.

Airtel payu (pay as you use) is a service provided by airtel that allows you to browse with your airtime on airtel. Before now, having access to the internet is made possible by the use of data, meaning that one can only browse, access social media and any do other internet related stuff with only data.

But right now even without data you can browse, access social media and do any other internet related stuff with just your airtime! All thanks to airtel payu. As the name implies “pay as you use” this means that the more you browse, the more you’re charged.

The airtel payu is not a data plan is just a service which once activated allows you to continue browsing when your data exhausts or even when you don’t have data at all.  It is available to all airtel customers, all you have to do is just dial a simple short code and it will be activated, you can always deactivate it any time you want.

Below is the code to activate the airtel payu, it works on all devices and is compatible on all airtel networks.

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How to use airtime to browse on airtel

The airtel payu code to start browsing with airtime or credit on your airtel is *400#. Once you dial it, a welcome message will instantly pop up on your screen and from that moment you will start browsing with airtime on your airtel.

The airtel payu rate is charged at N3/MB, meaning that for every 1 megabyte you use, 3 naira will be deducted from your airtime.

You can also opt in or activate the airtel payu at the moment you’re subscribing for an airtel data plan. At the last point before you proceed in buying the data bundle you’ll see below where you’ll be asked “What should happen when your data finishes?” you can then choose the option which says “Continue browsing from airtime“.

Selecting that option means that you can continue browsing the internet even when you exhaust that you data plan but this time, the deductions will then come from your airtime balance at N3/MB.

So if you’re the type that always have enough airtime on your airtel line that you’re not using, you can just activate this airtel payu so that you can at least use the airtime to browse and connect with your friends on social media no matter how little it is instead of it wasting just like that lol.

But I don’t really recommend that, because using your credit to browse all the time is costlier and a waste of money in the long run, instead use the money to subscribe for an airtel data plan. However if it is for a short while maybe you just want to check your whatsapp or email or just a quick search on google at that particular moment and you don’t have an active data plan then you can go ahead and use your airtime to do that.

How to stop using airtime to browse on airtel

If one day you no longer require the service of the airtel payu and want to stop browsing with your airtime on airtel just check out this simple guide on how to do that. Sometimes people complain that even when they have an active data plan, they notice that their airtime is still deducted while browsing, such situation can be really annoying so if you notice any of that you can temporarily cancel the service of airtel payu and re-activate it when your data exhausts or any time you want.


That’s how to browse with your airtel airtime or credit, feel free to drop your comment below if it worked for you and if this post was helpful to you don’t forget to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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