How to Activate My UBA Mobile App on a New Device

Have you recently gotten a new device and want to activate your UBA Mobile App? Look no further! In this article, we are going to walk you through the process of activating your UBA Mobile App on your new device. Whether you bought a new device or you just want to switch to a different device, whichever one it is, we got you covered. It’s very easy, quick and straightforward.

Activating the UBA Mobile app on your new device is very important for you day to day financial transactions. It enables you to perform various financial transactions like; funds transfer, checking account balance, bill payment, airtime top up, statement of your account, access to your transaction history and so much more at your own convenience and finger tips.

Having known the importance of having the UBA mobile app on your device, let’s delve into the step by step process of activating it on your new device. Follow the steps below.


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How to activate my UBA Mobile app on a new device

  1. Download the UBA Mobile App from your device’s Play store or App store.
  2. After installing the UBA Mobile App, Launch or Open the App by tapping on the app’s icon. The app will open, and you will be greeted with the UBA logo and the log in screen.
  3. If you’re an existing user i.e already have an account on the UBA mobile app, then proceed by entering your username and password correctly to login to your account. If you’re not an existing user i.e it’s your first time of using and registering on the UBA Mobile app, then click on the New user tab that is displaying on the home screen.
  4. After clicking on the New user tab, you’ll have to fill in your correct details in the appropriate fields provided for you. Details like your full name, email address, phone number etc. associated with your UBA bank account should be accurately filled.
  5. Next is to verify your identity. This can be done via an OTP (One Time Password) sent to your phone number or email address you provided earlier on. Ensure you type in the correct code for the verification to be successful and complete.
  6. After successfully verifying your identity, it’s highly recommended you set up additional security features to ensure your account is adequately secured and protected from unauthorized access.

And that’s it! If you followed through the steps outlined here, then congrats! Your UBA Mobile App ha been successfully activated on your new device.

Now you can enjoy convenient banking services with just a few taps. Just ensure you have a strong and stable network during this activation process and when using the app.


With the UBA Mobile App, there’s no need of you going to the physical bank to perform basic financial transactions. You can pay your bills, make transfer, check your account balance and even buy airtime without moving an inch. It saves you time and effort of going to the bank and removes the hassle of daily banking transactions.


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