GOtv Customer Care Airtel Number and MTN Number (2023)

GOtv Customer Care Airtel and MTN Number

GOtv customer care phone number

Are you a GOtv subscriber and currently experiencing issues with your service? Look no further because in this article we are going to show you the GOtv customer care airtel number and their mtn number which you can use to reach them.  Whether you have questions or encounter technical issues, gotv customer care team is always ready to assist you.

The GOtv mtn and airtel number is one of the easiest ways to reach out to their customer care. By dialing these phone numbers you will be able to speak with GOtv customer care representative who is is going listen to your complains and offer solutions to any issue you’re facing.

That being said, let’s head straight to GOtv customer care mtn and airtel phone numbers which you can use to connect to them.

GOtv customer care MTN number

The gotv customer care mtn number is +2348039044688. Once you dial the number, you will be greeted with an automated voice message. Next, you’ll be asked to key in your 10 digits IUC number.

After that, you’ll have to listen carefully and follow the voice prompt and select from the options provided the one that connects you to a customer care representative.

When connected, ensure to give in details, the problem you’re facing with your GOtv service. The more information you are able to provide, the better equipped the customer care representative will be to assist you.

GOtv customer care Airtel number

For airtel users, the GOtv customer care number still remains the same. The gotv customer care airtel number is +234803904 4688.

When you dial the number, listen carefully to the voice prompt and select the appropriate options that will connect you to their customer care representative.

How do I contact GOtv customer service

Apart from the GOtv customer care number listed above, GOtv provides other convenient options through which you can reach their customer care team and get the support you need. Let’s look at these other options in detail below.


You can make use of the gotv self service by dialing their ussd code *288# from the phone number you used during your registration.

Once, you dial the code,, a menu will be displayed. Navigate the menu by selecting the appropriate option that relates to the issue you’re facing.

Via Email

You can reach GOtv customer care by sending an email to [email protected] Describe the issue you’re facing in detail and include your account information and other necessary details which will help them in assisting you.

Via Online Live Chat

GOtv offers an online live chat support feature. If you prefer to speak to their customer care representative in real time via a live chat. Visit their official website, click on the main menu and click on Self service, from the list of options click on Contact us, then you will see the GOtv chat option. However, you’ll have to sign in first to use this feature.

Via Social media

You can also reach out to GOtv customer care support on social media via these handles below;

Twitter: @GotvNg

Instagram: @gotvng

Facebook: Gotv Multichoice Nigeria

Send them a direct message on any of their handles, give a clear description of your issue and wait for their response. To ensure you get quicker response, send them a message during their office hours.


Whatever issue you’re experiencing on your GOtv, whether technical or billing issues or any general problem that requires their assistance, they have a dedicated team that are always ready and happy to help you via the methods provided in this post.


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