How to Activate GTB Transfer Code & Transfer Money Without ATM Card


How to create 737 pin without atm card

The 737 pin is known as the standard USSD code for GTB bank. The PIN is one that unlocks features like money transfer, bill payment, recharges, and others. In this post you are going to see how you can create your 737 pin, activate GTB transfer code and transfer money from your GTbank account without ATM card.

To create the 737 pin without an ATM card, follow the procedures below;

  • Dial in *737# on the keypad of your mobile device.
  • Dial in ‘7’ in response to the prompt that displays across your screen. It will lead you to the features for a PIN number. Here, you can either create or change your PIN.
  • The icon ‘1’ is for those that have GTB debit cards.
  • The icon ‘2’ is for those that do not have GTB cards. It allows you to access the 737 features.
  • Access the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • You’d be asked to type in your Account number.
  • Then, type in your ‘Date of Birth’
  • Then, you’d type in whatever PIN you prefer to use for the feature.

You should also note that the above procedures will be done on your mobile device. All you need is the SIM with which you used to register your bank account. Then, you also will not need data subscription on the SIM to finish the procedures.

The *737# code allows you to do the following;

Transfer money

  • From GTbank to another GTbank— *731*1*amount*account number#
  • From GTbank to another bank— *737*2*amount*account number#

To purchase airtime or data from your service provider

  • For yourself—*737*amount#
  • For another individual— *737*amount*phone number of beneficiary#
  • For both you and a third party— *737*4#

To check the balance on your GT account—*737*5#

To fetch a PIN for transactions on your GT account—*737*5#. Type in the last six digits on the debit card. Then, type out your 4-digit PIN.

Withdrawal of cash without debit card—*737*3*amount#. Next, you’d have to work with the next on-screen prompts for a code that allows for withdrawal of cash. It is this code that you’d need to get cash from the bank’s ATM.

To pay bills— *737*50#

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How to activate GTB transfer code without atm card

Before you begin to make transfers via your GTB account, you’d need to first create a PIN for the transfers. Before any transfer will be tagged as successful, you’d be required to first of all input your PIN.

To create that PIN, run through the steps below;

  • Dial in *737*5# on the keypad of your mobile device
  • You’d be prompted to type in the six digits that mark the end of the digits on your ATM card. When you are done typing them in, click the ’Send’ icon.
  • To validate any of your transactions, you’d be asked to develop a PIN of 4 digits. You are free to use anything you like here.

If you have to ever change your transfer pin, all you have to do is dial in *737*4*2# on the keypad of your mobile device.

To activate the GTB transfer code without an ATM card, all you need to do is dial 737*2 the amount you want to transfer* the account number of the recipient#

How to transfer money from GTbank without ATM card

To transfer money from your GT bank account without an ATM card, you can follow any of the instructions below;

  • Dial 732*2 amount*account number# with the phone number you use for registration
  • Pick out the account that belongs to the beneficiary from the options that show up as prompt on the screen. You could choose either FBN, Access, Zenith or whatever bank)

If the transfer goes through without a single hitch, you’d be alerted of a debit from your account.

The beauty about this transfer feature is that the beneficiary receives the transferred money the moment you receive the debit alert. It also works on any kind of mobile device you are using. You also do not have to have data subscription on your network before you can successfully transfer money.

The only issue you could have with these transfers is the charges that are removed as fee. When you transfer money from a GTbank to other banks, you’d be charged about fifty naira alongside a Value Added Tax payment of 2.5 naira. If you’d be transferring funds from one GT bank to another, you’d instead be paying a reduced fee of twenty naira.

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