How to Unblock, Unrestrict & Reactivate My Zenith Bank Account


Why is my Zenith bank account restricted?

Restrictions on your Zenith bank account would usually prevent you from accessing most of the services and features accessed by other customers. However, most people don’t really understand the restrictions drawn, and end up asking, ‘Why their Zenith bank account is restricted?’ you are going to find out why and how you can also unblock and reactivate your zenith bank account, all in this post.

A state of account restriction occurs when you are unable to do any of the following;

  • Withdraw of cash from the ATM machine. All you’d see is an info stating that your account has been restricted.
  • Inability to make USSD transfers or other payments.
  • Inability to work with the Zenith banking app on your mobile device.
  • Issuance of checks and input of deposits into your account.

Most times, the restrictions aren’t imposed by Zenith bank themselves. In case you lose your ATM card or get involved in something that could expose your account to fraudulent activities, you could order for a restriction.

However, in the other cases when the restriction is imposed by Zenith bank, you could tag it as a measure they run to cut out the incidence of a fraud.

Now, these restrictions do not mean that Zenith bank have a right to the money in your account. The only right they have is to restrict the activities that run through your account.

Answering the ‘Why is my Zenith bank account restricted’ question, let’s go through a couple points;

All banks have different categories of accounts. For example, students have their ‘Student account’ and the older ones have the Standard account.

The definitions tied to these accounts ensure that it’s only a particular sum of money that should be in your account.

For example, a student is believed to not yet have any huge sources of income. So, there are restrictions to the amount of money that can be held in the person’s account.

Once that value is exceeded, there could be a restriction. Same goes for the standard accounts too, although the money that can be held within their accounts is much more than the former.

When you make some purchases that you wouldn’t usually make, your account could also get restricted. Also, purchases that run in haphazard styles also push Zenith bank into having your account restricted.

In a situation where you have a large sum of money in your account, withdrawing the whole bulk of it at once at an ATM stand would lead to an immediate restriction. To the bank, that could be a signal of a fraudulent activity.

While registering for your bank account, you could fill in the wrong details. If your bank don’t know what measure to take to reach you, they could place a temporary restriction on your bank account, in expectation that you’d come over to any of their branches.

In a case where you provide a wrong answer to a question that secures your account, you may end up having your account restricted.

Input of the wrong pin continuously could also lead to a temporary restriction on your Zenith bank account.

In a case where your bank receives a report as regards your account concerning fraudulent activities, your account could get restricted.

The government also has a right to place a restriction on your bank account. So, any time you flout an important rule, the government could immediately order for a restriction on your bank account.


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How to unblock my Zenith bank account

Usually, most of the restrictions placed on Zenith bank accounts are just for a while. To solve the issue of a block, all you’d need to do is run through a couple of steps that would truly define any of your formerly suspicious actions.

Here, we are going to see how you can unblock your Zenith bank account.’ Below are techniques you could go through with for that;

Utilize your bank app by chatting up with one of the bank representatives. You could also communicate with any of the customer care workers online.

Usually, most of the issues related to a restricted or deactivated account can be solved via this method.

You could visit any of the Zenith bank branches close to you in order to stage your complaints. There, you’d be able to explain in details the activities that led to the restriction.

In a case where your account was deactivated because you had more than the required amount, you could also get some document like your NIN registration card.

It will give you the chance to upgrade your account to the ‘Standard account.

How to reactivate my Zenith bank account

To reactivate your Zenith bank account, all you need to do is dial *966*0#. Most times, you’d only need to reactivate your account when no activity has been run on it for a long time.

Such accounts are termed as dormant accounts. Within twenty-four hours, your dormant account gets reactivated.

However, note that the code given above is only useful when you’ve not used your account for a time frame of about one to two years.

If yours falls lower than that, all you need to do to reactivate your account is to run a withdrawal via your ATM. You could also choose to make a deposit.


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