Health Benefits of Tiger Nut Milk – Top 10 kunu aya benefits

Benefits of Tiger Nut Drink

Tiger nut milk is gotten from a thoroughly blended tiger nut, it’s very healthy and nutritious and provided lots of health benefits.

health benefits of tiger nut milk

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Apart from being a good replacement of dietary milk. Tiger nut contains lots of amazing nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, non soluble fiber, vitamin C, E and B6 which makes it very beneficial in the control of diabetics, cancer, blood pressure, weight, aids in digestion and also contains carbohydrates which makes it a healthy source of energy.

Without wasting much time let’s dive in to the health benefits of tiger nuts, health benefits of tiger nut milk and how to make tiger nut milk.

Health Benefits of Tiger Nut Milk

Tiger nuts also known as earth almonds is a crop of the sedge family and has existed for thousands of years. They are very common in the northern part of Nigeria and mainly grows in regions of temperate and subtropical climate.  It can also be found in the middle east of Europe, india, madagascar and mediterranean countries in southern Europe.

These nuts when thoroughly blended, bring out a more tasty flavour and acts as a very effective aphrodisiac in boosting sex drive in both men and women. For men and women who experience low sexual drive or libido, tiger nuts milk has being very effective in improving ones sexual performance and making them last longer in bed.

Tiger Nuts Benefits Sexually

Men and women who have low sex drive or libido during sexual intercourse have used tiger nut milk drink in improving their sexual performance and last longer in bed.

sexual health benefits of tiger nuts

  • Tiger nuts and erectile dysfunction

Consuming tiger nut milk can make a man last longer during sexual intercourse. Because tiger nut contains amino acid called arginine which acts as viagra in enhancing sexual energy in men.  Also omega 3 that allows better flow of blood from the heart to the penis through the arteries. This will enable his erection to be turgid and make him last longer during sex.

  • Tiger nuts and female fertility

Oestrogen hormone levels are increased when women consume tiger nuts milk. An increase in this hormone makes women to be more fertile and sexually active.
In addition essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals in tiger nuts helps to maintain menstruation levels in women thereby making them more prone to becoming pregnant.

  • Tiger nuts and sperm count

Men who consume tiger nuts can also have an increase in their production of testosterone. Due to the high levels of zinc and other vitamins present in tiger nuts which positively affects the quantity and quality of their sperm.

  • Tiger nuts and sex

Another health benefits of tiger nut milk is it provides enough energy needed during sexual intercourse. This is as a result of the non meat protein content in it. This energy is also used in carrying out activities during the day.

The aforementioned benefits are the sexual benefits of tiger nuts, to enjoy these benefits Checkout How to Make Tiger Nut Drink with Dates and Coconut for Libido you can actually do that recipe in less than 5 mins at the comfort of your home, check it out.

OK before you do that, Do you know that tiger nuts contains essential nutrients that helps in the control of diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, weight, aids in digestion and also removes harmful toxins from the body? I bet you don’t know. Below are other health benefits of tiger nuts.


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Importance of Tiger Nut Milk

1. Tiger nuts and Diabetes

Foods containing insoluble fiber are highly recommended for diabetic patients. This is due to the fact that these foods helps to control and regulate their blood sugar levels.

2. Tiger nuts and Blood Pressure

The amino acid (arginine) in tiger nut does not only enhance sexual energy in men but also helps to widen your blood vessels for normal blood flow. By doing this blood will be allowed to flow freely through their vessels which will in turn stabilize your heart rate and leading to your normal blood pressure. Potassium in tiger nuts is very effective in driving away excess sodium from your body system which also leads to your normal blood pressure.

3. Tiger nuts and Weight Loss

Have you noticed that you’re easily satisfied anytime you eat foods rich in fiber? This is what makes tiger nuts the best food for your weight loss. It contains high levels of dietary fiber which satisfies you for a longer time and prevents you from gaining excess weight which comes from overeating.

4. Tiger nuts and Digestion

Do you suffer from diarrhea, constipation, irritable bowels or any other digestive issue? Not to worry, tiger nuts has shown effectiveness in combating issues relating to digestion. It is also very helpful in keeping your digestive system stimulated. It does this by removing harmful toxins from your body and detoxifying your liver.

5. Tiger nuts and Colon Cancer

Tiger nuts contain fiber which makes it helpful in cleansing and preventing colon cancer (cancer of the large intestine). This is according to the American Cancer Society.

6. Tiger nuts and Beauty

What can tiger nuts not do? apart from helping live a healthy lifestyle it still gives you a bonus by enhancing your beauty, wow!. Do you know that tiger nuts contains vitamin E, magnesium and moisturizing properties which can give you a flawless and healthy glowing skin? Not just that, it also stops you from having wrinkles, prevent premature aging sand give you a smooth silky skin.

Quick Summary

What are the benefits of tiger nut milk?

  • Presence of omega 3 in tiger nut milk helps in erectile dysfunction in men by allowing better flow of blood from the heart to the penis thereby making it turgid during sex.
  • Tiger nut positively affects the quantity and quality of their sperm, due to the high levels of zinc and other vitamins present in tiger nuts which helps in the production of testosterone in men
  • Tiger nut milk increases the Oestrogen hormone levels in women making them more fertile and sexually active. It also helps to maintain menstruation levels in women.


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