Bitter kola and Weight loss: Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise

Bitter Kola for Weight Loss

Eating bitter kola also shown effectiveness in weight loss and reducing belly fat in people, in this post we’re going to know the benefits of bitter kola for weight and benefits of eating bitter kola.

Bitter kola also known as garcinia kola is a flowering plant from central and west africa. It was identified as an essential antibiotics and has being used centuries and millenniums ago in treatment of different illnesses.

Benefits of Bitter Kola for Weight Loss

Bitter kola and Weight loss

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Every person’s dream especially ladies is to have a flat tummy and a good body structure and shape.
It can be really embarrassing having your tummy protruding in public or gaining unwanted weight that might have changed your shape which makes you feel so uncomfortable each time you go out.

All your efforts of cutting your diet seems to come to no avail as you always find yourself eating at all times.
If you’re the type that doesn’t want to go to gym, you might have taken a lot of weight reduction supplements but none of them seems to work, well do not worry as bitter kola is available to assist you in your weight loss. Bitter kola and weight loss, how does it work?

  • Bitter kola increases your urge to drink water

Do you know that drinking enough water in a day helps to properly digest your food? one of the causes of that your belly fat is improperly digested food in your tummy which then settles there and result to unwanted belly fat.
By consuming more bitter kola, your urge to drink water increases and when you drink water your food is properly digested and result to weight loss in your belly. You wouldn’t have to worry about that unnecessary fat in your belly again by just eating bitter kola.

  •  Bitter kola is a hunger suppressant

Overeating is one of (if not) the main cause of weight gain. If you don’t cut down on your daily food intake, it’ll be very difficult to lose weight, and this is where bitter kola comes in.
Bitter kola is a natural hunger suppressant, what does this mean? Some people overeat because they always feel hungry. Consuming bitter kola will prevent you from getting hungry always, by not always getting hungry, you won’t overeat, by not overeating, you lose weight.

So this is how bitter kola helps you to lose that annoying weight and belly fat and it’s completely natural and effective, try it!


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Benefits of Eating Bitter Kola

Benefits of Eating Bitter Kola

Apart from helping you lose weight, bitter kola provide other amazing health benefits. So you don’t only lose weight you get enjoy all other health benefits, below are the benefits of eating bitter kola.

1. Boost immune system and metabolism

If you always feel sick, you might be suffering from a weak immune system. It’s very important you improve/boost your immune system against any disease attack. Bitter kola contains antioxidants which helps to improve your immune system and protect you from any foreign disease or bacteria.
Like I mentioned earlier eating bitter kola increases your urge for water thereby facilitating your digestion that day. To enjoy this benefit eat one bitter kola in the morning for a boost in your body’s metabolism.

2. For mental alertness

Bitter kola can make you become alert and active due to the caffeine content in it. This caffeine serves as a stimulant and mental booster, reason you always see people consuming it whenever they want to stay awake in the night. However this can pose a serious risk like insomnia, restlessness, stomach irritation and other side effects when it’s abused.

3. Relieves cough

If you experience chronic cough or choked with cough at anytime just eat bitter kola. This nut contains chemicals that will cleanse the excess mucus in your throat causing that cough.

4. Treatment of cold and lungs

Bitter kola has being used as a traditional medicine centuries ago in the treatment of cold. It does this by enlarging the alveolar sac and duct thereby relieving you of chest cold.

5. Fights eye blindness

Do you know that pressure in the eye can lead to the gradual loss of your eyesight and result to blindness? This is called glaucoma. If you’re experiencing this include bitter kola in your diet, it can help reduce this pressure between your eyeballs and save you from the risk of glaucoma.

6. Regain stamina

Anytime you feel tired or weak when you engage in an activity, you might be suffering from weak/low stamina. To regain your strength and get back on your feet just eat one bitter kola, this will help bounce back and become more vibrant even during sex.

7. Treatment of cancer

According to researchers, chemical compound(phytoestrogens) present in bitter kola can reduce the growth of tumour cells in the human body. It has been found to be effective in stopping the growth of tumours and cancerous disease.

8. Reduces constipation

Digestive condition like constipation can be relieved by consuming bitter kola. It does this by removing the gas from your body system.

9. Fight mouth odour

Did you forget to brush in the morning? Anytime you forget to brush your mouth before leaving your house, chew one bitter. It’s very effective in killing the odour from your mouth and save you from embarrassment when meeting or talking with people.

10. Chases snakes

Snakes hate the smell of bitter kola. Take a few bitter kola cut them into halves and spread them in your compound, rooms, farms offices etc, This will help drive away snakes from those areas.


That is how bitter kola can help in you weight loss and reduce your belly fat. Try eating this nut to enjoy all other benefits mentioned in this post but be careful not to abuse it to avoid the serious side effects , always consume in moderation. Don’t forget share this post to your family and friends.

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