Tiger Nuts and Female Fertility: How to Boost Ovulation Without Drugs

Benefits of tiger nuts for fertility

Do you know consuming tiger nuts can contribute to a female fertility? Infact women with a decline in fertility have used tiger nuts over the years to improve their fertility as well as their sexual drive.
With the help of tiger nut women who have difficulty getting pregnant or experience low sexual drive or libido have confessed to the wonders of these nuts!
In this article we going to see how the role of tiger nuts in a female’s fertility, sexual drive and benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy.

tiger nuts and female fertility
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Tiger nuts also known as earth almonds belongs to the family Cyperaceae and have being in existence for thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians were the first to cultivate these nuts. However tiger nuts are very common in the northern parts of Nigeria as well as in some countries in the middle east of Europe, Madagascar, India, Mediterranean countries in southern Europe.

Vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants such as potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin E, C and B6 which are all present in tiger nut. Has also shown effectiveness in the treatment and control of health issues such as diabetes, colon cancer, obesity, blood pressure, improper digestion and ofcourse female fertility and sexual activeness. But before we go into those other health benefits of tiger nuts. Let’s quickly dive into tiger nuts and female fertility.

Tiger nuts and female fertility

Oestrogen is one of the main female sex hormone responsible for sexual and reproductive development in women. This hormone is responsible for developing female secondary sex characteristics like breast, pubic/armpit hair, wider hips and also needed during menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

This oestrogen hormone is responsible for fertility in females and skyrockets to its highest level in the middle of a female’s menstrual cycle and declines at the stages of menopause. Thus reason females at menopause stage experience difficulty in getting pregnant due to a decline in fertility.

However tiger nuts contains high levels of vitamins, nutrients and methanolic content which help to elevate the levels oestrogen hormone in a female, thus making them more fertile and prone to pregnancy.

Benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy

Benefits of tiger nuts in pregnancy
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Tiger nuts boost the production of breast milk from a woman’s breast, enough for the baby. Breast milk is very essential and provides optimal nutrition for babies. It’s loaded with antibiotics which can help your baby prevent and fight illnesses making them healthier and stronger.

Tiger nuts dates and coconut for fertility

Tiger nuts when thoroughly blended with dates, coconut serves as aphrodisiac to females with low sexual drive. Consuming tiger nut milk drink before sex is very effective in enhancing a female’s sexual power, fertility and make her last longer in bed. To enjoy this benefit see how to make tiger nut milk drink to boost libido
Apart from helping females with their fertility and sexual drive, consuming tiger nuts can also provide you with other health related benefits, such as;

Importance of tiger nuts

1. Weight Loss

High levels of dietary fiber in tiger nut makes you get satisfied easily and for a longer time thereby stopping you from gaining excess weight which comes from overeating.

2. Proper Digestion

Tiger nut can help deal issues like constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowels and other issues relating to improper digestion. It is also effective in detoxifying your liver and removing harmful toxins from your body.

3. Blood Pressure

Amino acid called arginine in tiger nuts helps to keep your blood vessels wide enough for blood flow. Doing this allows your heart rate to stabilize and making you have a normal blood pressure.

4. Controls Diabetes

Tiger nuts are good for diabetic patients because it’s rich in fiber and helps to control and regulate their blood sugar levels.

5. Controls Cancer

Colon cancer can be cleansed and prevented using tiger nuts due to the fiber content in it. This is according to American Cancer Society.

Quick summary

Can Tiger nuts boost fertility?

Tiger nuts can boost fertility because it contains high levels of vitamins, nutrients and methanolic content which help to elevate the levels oestrogen hormone in a female, thus making them more fertile and prone to pregnancy.

Tiger nuts and female fertility can not be overemphasized. Do you know it can also add to a woman’s beauty and stop her from premature aging?.
If you have problems with fertility or sexual drive, or any of the above problems. Try these nuts today and enjoy these benefits.


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