How to Dress Classy and Elegant in Nigeria While Spending Less in 2023

How to look classy and elegant in Nigeria

The idea of being more stylish just because you spend more money doesn’t make any sense to me, to look classy and elegant in Nigeria you don’t need to do that. Some people buy a lot of awful cloths here in Nigeria and style them in a certain way to make them look more expensive. Because it’s not really about how much you spend its about how you wear it that counts.

1. Less accessories

how to dress classy on a budget

First of all we are going to look at accessories because I think this is where a lot of people go wrong when trying to dress classy in Nigeria. To me if you want to look classy and elegant, less is definitely more, I would say minimize your accessories even if you have a ring of 1 million just wear the ring don’t wear a necklace, earrings and a watch all at the same time its too much,  simplicity is the key with accessories just choose a few of that pieces to make that look. Keep it simple, keep it classy and that in turn will look more classy and elegant even when you’re on a tight budget in Nigeria

2. More white

dress expensive on a budget

The easiest and probably most known way to look classy and elegant in Nigeria is to wear more white, the oldest trick in the book but it still works. Most girls love white particularly because it makes them look crisp and clean and instantly make you look more elegant.

3. Tailoring

classy and elegant dress code in nigeria

I think adding a beautiful tailored coat into any outfit suddenly elevate the looks so much and instantly makes you look so much elegant and classy. In tailoring your coat you can go for 100% wool with a good texture, always keep an eye on buttons because often times that’s where an item can let itself down, if they put cheap buttons on something it will look cheap. And make sure its lined especially at the back that would make the cut so much nicer down to your waist. You can tell which piece looks more expensive by the positioning of the darts, is it lined? What are the seams looking like? The fabric and texture they have used, all these elements makes a coat looks more expensive than it actually was. Always look out for these before buying a coat.

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4. Dresses

look classy and elegant tips

Be careful about the tone of the dress you buy, colours like soft pink, soft blue, soft brown make you think something is more expensive than it actually is. I love dresses with a drop over their chest portion and is lined in matching chiffon accompanied with a lovely detail across the tummy too and the tone is so subtle and pretty that instantly for a street dress makes it looks like it cost an absolute fortune when it definitely didn’t. You can wear it by adding a skinny belt around your waist and I think that’s the key with dresses its fined to the perfect fit for your shape.

5. Handbags

The trick into looking more elegant and classy in Nigeria is to go for a plain structured handbag rather than anything with too much design. I’m sure you love designer bags but if you’re trying to look more classy and elegant a plain structured bag would be good for you, you have to be very conscious of the material, is it going to last, is it going to keep that shape after years of using it. I think black bags look more polished and more elegant. The key to this one is the simplicity and a very classic shape, if its within your budget to buy a designer handbag no problem but the point of this article is how to look classy and elegant in Nigeria while on a budget. If you happen to have the budget to buy one great! If you don’t have the budget for that you can 100% create this look without spending so much money.

6. Vintage

Keep an eye on your local vintage store


That’s it hopefully I’ve given you a bit of inspiration on how to style your outfits to make them look more elegant, classy and a bit more expensive. If you can afford to buy as many designers as you can that’s great and its up to you but personally for me I think mixing and matching different brands is a good way to dress.