4 ways to get into a casual relationship with her

How to have a casual relationship and not a committed one

how to have a casual relationship

The first thing I want you to acknowledge in this is, wanting a casual relationship is okay. There’s nothing wrong about wanting commitment or wanting to get into a casual relationship with her, it’s only wrong if you actively deceive her into thinking you want the same thing as she wants when you know you don’t.

So instead of you thinking of how to convince the person to have a casual relationship with you that might be against what the person wants, it’s better to go out there and strongly stating what your relationship intentions are.

1. Communicate with her

how to have a casual relationship without getting hurt

You could say “ Hey Kate I have some respect for you and I also appreciate and lucky to be here with you. I know there are a million other guys out there that would take my place but I don’t think I’m in the right headspace for building a serious relationship right now. I do really enjoy your company and I think you’re really sexy, I’d like to get into a casual relationship if that’s what you’re comfortable with because I think you’re awesome and I should put the ball in your court.

If you want a particular kind of relationship, the respectful thing to do is to communicate that with the other person. That’s giving them the ability to make a decision about whether it’s something they want to participate in or not.

2. It’s about you not her

how to get over casual relationship

You need to let the other person know that you choosing a casual relationship has nothing to do with them, It’s just the headspace that you’re in at the moment. This stops them from feeling like they’re just being rejected.

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3. Not all relationships are built for marriage

committed vs dating

Say the things you enjoy about her. Say you find her attractive, you enjoy her company and you have a lot fun with her because not all relationships are built to go into marriage, sometimes it’s meant to be more casual sometimes it’s meant to be more friendship based sometimes it’s meant to be like a super connection which goes into a long term relationship base. There’s no point pretending that your super connection relationship is just a casual thing or a casual one is something more than it is.

4.Put the ball in her court

committed relationship vs dating dating to committed

You’ve let your intentions known but don’t try to force her into a casual relationship she won’t be comfortable with. The thing is not all women want to get married today and have babies and especially not all women want to get married and have babies with you. So you might actually be surprised that by having honest conversation with her she might respond positively to it and if she doesn’t, there will be many other women who would offer a casual relationship  as you and you’ve done the right thing!

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